fall for the win, visiting mr. lincoln on a sick day, $6000 rent, and a "thank heavens we cancelled that trip..." post

 1) this is the best fall in the history of all falls. i thought fall in utah was gorgeous, but i feel like this whole situation is one for the record books- the weather has been fluctuating between 60 and 70 (meh, minus earlier this week when it was like 34 when i walked to work. that's no bueno), and the leaves! oh, the leaves! there are so many! they're every color. they fall on you as you walk around. they're every size and shape and color imaginable. they crunch under your feet and stroller wheels. and the leaves smell like fall! not the gross leaves that have been wet and smell like decay- the good smell of leaves that are fresh and shouting their final "hurrah!" before they hurl themselves (ever so delicately, like they do) from the trees down to the streets where they lay, finally, to wrap up their life upon the earth. 
it's all just amazing in every way. 

2) so jude's been sick- he started with his normal fever, which is the sign that a cold is sure to come. it came hard and fast, so now we're pros at alternating ibuprofen and tylenol, and praying that 103 degrees doesn't send his body into a seizure. it was a long weekend. sunday night we set out for fresh air, and drove to the lincoln memorial for some absorption of fall, and to see what that place feels like below a thousand degrees. (pretty good, actually!)
 we walked by the vietnam memorial- the weekend before veterans day is an extra awesome time to visit, might i add. 
 don't let the bare arms fool you- it was chilly. one of those, "hey! let's keep moving so we don't shake and shiver! you'll wish you had 55 when it's 20 outside! YOU'RE FINE!!" or it it just me that shouts that crap? i'm terrible.
since this walk, elle has a cold now, too. and me, three. because that's just life in the fall. 
staggered, never-ending sickness. 
it's the ugly side of fall that i forget sucks so bad. and we are sssiiiiick. ugh. 

 lastly, 3) we cancelled a trip we'd planned months ago to puerto rico- we were supposed to be there right now, and even though it broke my heart, we felt like it was better to save the money (new phone, condo expenses back in utah with our renters, and all-around schtuff) meant we should be wise and cut back. so we did. but thank the stars we did because we would have been in tropical paradise with sickness

now for a note of humor (this should really be #4, huh?)- so our rent will go up when our lease expires in a few months to... wait for it... wait for it... wait for it... $6347/month unless we sign another lease term in which case it goes up an amount that is better, but still nauseating. 
$6347!?!? SIX-THOUSAND-DOLLARS!? THAT'S A CAR! or, like, the down payment on a house!!!!! i laughed. then i cried. then i rolled my eyes. 
then i was once again grateful we cancelled puerto rico:)
also, yes, jude wears his mickey sweater and mickey shoes everyday. 

oh, and one more picture for good measure, because it was on my phone, too- i forgot that fall walks on crisp, warm-ish days are heaven-sent. it's also the only other photo from our weekend.

the end.


  1. Hey Amanda, We just moved from out of state to very close to DC (20 min from UMCP). Rent at 6K is unheard of! I know moving sucks but so does spending way too much. We looked for a home using Trulia.com and looking at rentals for single houses. There are more affordable options out there.

    1. YES! i agree it is insane. they agree as well- they don't want people paying month-to-month, so that is the sky-high rate they charge. we have options of extending our lease 6 or 12 months and paying a (still high but) decent rent:) just figuring out now what the plan will be!!

    2. oh! and welcome to maryland:)

  2. BAH! SO much to love and cringe over! Loving that picture of Jude in front of the memorial wall, and that epic fall leaf description. Cringing over the rent and trip cancellation, and sickness and seizures--oh, and it's not just you that shouts "YOU'RE FINE" + slew of exasperated attempts to stop the whining.. totally with ya, ha.


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