country meets city: family in nyc, the finale

so back to the rest of our trip... 
somewhere around 2am jude had a meltdown so we did a little shuffle and i ended up in his bed, and elle ended up with mike. i was kicked and jabbed in the face for the next few hours, and once again thought, 'how do people do this on a regular basis!? i want my own bed back and it's only been 3 hours!' we gave up on sleep and looked out the window as the sun came up, wrapped up in the big duvets on the little couch, chatting. (actually, the kids were bouncing off the walls and watching cartoons, but i like to make the story go down prettier for posterity's sake:)  those are the moments that make me crazy when they're happening, but i always look back on them and they don't seem quite as bad?  

we hit forever 21 at 8am when they opened just because, well, it's 8am and decently empty. then the 4 of us shared a muffin and all 7 of us headed downtown to the financial district on our way to the freedom tower and world trade center memorial...
jude was pleasant...      :-/
toddler tantrums aside, this place is incredible. 
the only times we've been it's been cold. visiting this day reminded me of when mike and i visited earlier this year- it is so still. so solemn. 
it is an honor to stand where so many lost their lives, and so many others served and sacrificed. 
i remember visiting ground zero in december 2002- it was cold then, too, and the grounds were busy. the events of 9/11 were still so fresh; then, nearby buildings still showed markings of searches, and damage was everywhere. pictures of missing people were on the walls lining the nearby streets. t
hat all seems so long go, but the feeling of honor and respect and reverence is palpable... it's an amazing place.
we walked down to battery park to see the statue of liberty from a distance, and then found ourselves the sea glass carousel! i was so stoked. i've been wanting to ride for a while now. kenzie, elle and i loved it if i do say so myself;)
steph told me when we got off that i was happier than anyone else riding. kids included:) it was awesome!
bernie's sore back was dunzo at this point, so we escorted them to times square to sit and rest, then we headed uptown for another round of hot dogs and banana pudding:)
oh! and berries. we always get berries and eat them on the way home. some weird tradition i guess. each time i think, "i should really wash these..." then i never do. and we survive. so that's that.
we walked from 72nd back down to the hotel in times square, enjoying our little stroll. it's our favorite thing to do- just stroll. we got our bags, the van, then hit the road. we dropped off mike's family at newark to fly home, said our goodbyes, then we were on our way. miraculously, the kids made it the entire way home without stopping, so we decided to bite the bullet and try to get the van back that night. we drove into dc, dropped it off, metro'd back, and walked home in the rain (grabbing a pizza as we walked by because, well, we were starving), and called this trip a success.

until next time, nyc!

parts 1 & 2 here & here.


  1. Looks so fun! So this green coat....elle or jude's? Or one for each? Either way it looks great on both of them.

    1. haha- it's jude's, but elle is always cold so she wears it most of the time:) i'm a terrible mom and haven't gotten her a new winter coat yet. poor kid. thank goodness my 6 and 2 year old can wear the same size, right?;)


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