the pumpkin patch, a public psa, and a port-a-potty disaster...

pumpkins on pause. 
first, my digital heart and my savings account are broken. 

i said it on facebook & instagram, but i'll say it again... because it's talk-worthy. you see, someday we'll look back at the first 2 weeks of october, and considering all the pictures i take, i'll wonder what happened to all those from elle's 6th birthday. i won't find them. because they're gone. and the story is both tragic and quite funny (if i remove myself from it)...

two saturdays ago we met friends at the the pumpkin patch, and while i waited for them to text and say they had arrived, i had my phone in my back pocket (like i always do). 
enter a port-a-potty, immediately followed by a little "thunk" then a louder "bloink!" followed by me spinning around, wide-eyed, confused, shocked, and utterly horrified as i put the pieces together of what just happened. 

my phone

in the bottom (i presume)




instantly a million thoughts of what i could do came to mind, but they were all pushed aside by the immediate realization that it was gone- i had NO idea how deep that was, there was no way i was going in after it, and after staring for the longest 30 seconds of my life i did the only thing i could do: pee. because that's why i was there, after all. my phone that had served me perfectly well for a mere year. a phone that had done absolutely nothing wrong. and there i was- leaving it there, broken forever, without a respectful goodbye or send off (actually, quite the contrary).  

i composed myself, walked out, went back to the big red barn, and then told mike (almost in tears). 
he DIED laughing. 
which actually made me feel better. he looked at my arms to confirm i wasn't blue- that i hadn't really gone after it. 

my phone is kind of my lifeline- i need it for work, it's our gps, my on-the-go camera, and we were/are going out of town a lot in the coming weeks, so there was no way i could wait on a new shipment of barely-discounted phones from at&t. so there we were. weekend night. in the apple store. with a bazillion other people. shelling out the most ridiculous amount of money for a phone.
the good news? the 6s is apparently waterproof. (not saying i'd go in after it. but hey, it's an option.)

i cried myself to sleep that night in the horror of all that took place, at least grateful that we were spending money on something that at least caused no one harm. we were all ok. nothing but an electronic device were injured in the saga.

rest in peace, old friend.

 pumpkin patches and port-a-potties will never be the same again. but back to the fun- larriland again! now, pumpkins:

 it was definitely chillier than our last visit when we sweated our heinies off. brrrr!!! fall is here.
pumpkin report 2015 is hereby over.

oh yah! the public psa: stop putting your phone in your back pocket! now we just need a better temporary storage location...

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  1. Oh good heck. I want to cry for you! But you did the right thing--saving yourself from a myriad of deathly diseases. I imagine the guy that cleans out the sewage is doing a happy jig because he just scored himself a barely used iPhone. Wah. Cute pictures, p.s., as always, and gosh that Disneyworld trip looked amazing. If we ever go, we'll know exactly what to do. ;)


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