general conference weekend...

 it's so strange to not be in salt lake for general conference weekend- it was strange 6 months ago, and it was strange again this past weekend! i feel like the busyness of church headquarters was in my blood those weeks surrounding conference- it was the most magical, exhausting, rewarding time, and i adored the prep, recovery, and miracles that take place this time of year. so there we sat in our apartment, cheering on our favorite people from afar! 

the weekend weather was decently lousy- pouring rain for days, and uber chilly temps. remember, a week ago it was, like 95? it was 58 if we were lucky. brrrr! 

we did sneak out for a little park fun. we headed home with frozen fingers. 
how can it be frozen finger season already!?! say it isn't so! 
the rest of the weekend we were here: confined to our apartment in pj's yelling very un-reverently, "SHH! STOP BEING SO LOUD!" "quit running with loud feet!" "if you don't have quiet feet our neighbors are going to call the cops!" "get off your sister!"      hashtag reverence.

we made quite a few laps around the halls of our building with the kids in their underwear, with/without superhero capes.

and then we gave into the joy that is couch surfing, and just let the kids do belly flops off their beds.
i adore general conference. i'm so grateful for the words of those men and women who have been given the extraordinary task of sharing a bit of their testimony to help strengthen my own. 

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