disney world, 2015! | part 5/the finale!

have you noticed how wilted and red our cheeks are? that lovely sheen of sweat that is on us in every photo? can't you just feel the soupy, damp air? oh, florida! you are something else! 

well, this is it. the last of the days at disney world. friday morning we set out early for the magic kingdom- we sprinted to frontierland for big thunder mountain & splash mountain, where we got to ride a few times each before things got busy. actually, we split up, and within 2.5 hours, rode 17 rides! GO US! 
about the time it got busy we headed back to the hotel for our usual. this day however, once we made it to the pool, the havens opened and it started pouring!!! elle was playing some games with the poolside-cruise-director-people, and mike was making laps trying to consume as much free soda as he could. jude and i split our time between eating under the umbrella and jumping in the pool. we watched people scamper as the rain came down harder, and that next 10 minutes turned into one of those "greatest times ever;" we convinced mike to come out from the covering and jump in the pool, and before you know it we were all blinded by the rain, swimming in a downpour. the only quiet was when you ducked your head under water and heard stillness........

it was amazing. the whole experience was almost as hilarious as jude's horrified expression. he was utterly confused how he was getting so wet, and how the pool seemed dryer than the air. 


elle and i played more pool games with those entertainer people, as the rain subsided, and then we headed back to dry off.
we went to nana & papa's room for a mini birthday celebration for elle belle. my mom wasn't feeling well, so we just hung out, and my dad revealed the biggest "cake" ever. it's the biggest shame we had no way to take the thing home, because that rice crispy minnie would have fed us for the entire year!!!!!!! 
^^ bow.
my mom wasn't feeling well, so mike & i went with the kids back to epcot. still soggy from our earlier adventures, it was also the opening night of the food & wine festival... and it was packed!!! we went back to france where we saw this cool performer man, then we stuffed ourselves silly with more food from the boulangerie. at this point we had more free meals left than we imagined we would, so we started ramping up our eating quota, as to not waste any free-ness. ;)

side note: we ran into a woman who was on her 21st straight day at the park. WOW!!!!
then we tried to go on random rides with little-to-no waits (ha!)... elle cried the whole way through the journey into imagination because she remembered it ended with a loud noise. 

all i know is it was air conditioned. (and the noise wasn't as loud as she remembered, thank heavens.) 

also, jude stole mike's coke. dark that kid and soda. i hate soda. he, however, is mighty pleased.
and then! oh, this. this was so good.
we did what i swore we wouldn't do, and we waited to meet mickey. only because everyday jude would ask, "mit-tee? jude meet mit-tee now!?" 

waiting 30 minutes? we can do 30 minutes.

so we did. first, blinks. sorry, boys...
then goofy and minnie, too! minnie was the kids favorite because, as elle said, "mom! she gave me a real hug! like i could feel her mouse bones! she was so nice!!" :)
when we got out, it was raining. raaaaaaaaaaining. i loved it. mike covered himself in a poncho like a crazy tourist (i would expect nothing less), and the kids sat "criss-cross-apple-sauce" in the stroller (they say that full name overtime), as to try and hide from the water that was falling down. we did buy a stroller cover, but at this point i didn't dare open it- we were almost finished with the vacation! and i'm cheap so if we didn't use it, i would get my $25 back. deal with the water, people. this is why i wore my swimsuit and didn't bother getting re-ready! for times like this! singing in the rain!
a quick round on spaceship earth, then we hit the road.
a new day brought sunshine and our final hours at disney. we had all morning before we had to head to the airport, so we went back to the magic kingdom to play (same as the morning before- this time 12 rides in 2 hours which i didn't think was too bad); we also had fast passes for seven dwarfs mine train again that we wanted to use. OH! and we finally tried the rider swap... it worked like magic! take that, 120 minute wait!!
hi, mikey & elle!!
time to use up our last of the free snacks on mickey ice cream sandwiches. 
3 at once! the most we've ever done- it was cause for celebration and heartache. 
my parents met us for the last couple of rides of the day, then we all headed out. but not without one last family photo to capture the exhaustion and red faces:)
then jude passed out. 

we stopped at wolfgang puck once more to get food to-go, finishing our dining credits, and giving us dinner at the airport, and then we were off! we said our goodbyes to nana & papa, and boarded our plane for home...
we landed into reagan around 9:30 and the kids zonked in the stroller as we picked up our bags. we made our way home on the metro, then started the 1.5 mile walk in the dark back to our apartment. the weather was cool and crisp- i feel like it sealed in our sweaty-travel-ness from the day. super gross. what was super gross-er though was all the fun stuff we saw on the walk home. see, the walk is through the party-hood where the sororities are, and it was 11pm on a saturday night. we saw three men peeing on three separate occasions, and got more strange looks and teasing laughs from those silly, young, drunk college kids than ever before. saturday nights here are much different than saturday nights during my utah state university days- let's just say that;) 

mike and i enjoyed our little date as we walked, then we rolled the kids right into their bedroom via stroller and into bed. 

just like that, disney 2015 came to a close. 

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  1. Whew! What a fun vacation!!! And, after all of that...I want to know more about the rider swap! Did you take both kids both times? So like, did Mike go first, then you? I'm determined to cheat the lines when we got to Disneyland!

    1. Elle & I went on the ride, and as we exited, I got a rider swap ticket- so Mike got to go back (with Elle), and he rode. Basically, she got to ride twice and he and I both got a turn while the other waited with Jude. It's a way to both get to do something we normally couldn't because Jude was too small. Only did it once... but it worked! :)


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