disney world, 2015! | part 4

time for a rest day! 
(by "rest day" i just mean a no-park day. there was no rest for the weary [adults].)

we started out by heading to disney springs (aka: downtown disney) for breakfast at wolfgang puck. it's always been a staple of our trips to spend a bulk of time at downtown disney, but this whole revamp is leaving me a bit switzerland on what used to be a highlight of disney. it's a work in progress, so i shouldn't really have an opinion, but holy schmoly it's so busy over there these days!!! and the parking! don't ask my opinion on the parking (*angry eyes*)! wp's pizza is... well... not the same as it once was, but alas! that place is still the BEST deal with the free dining plan- 2 meals costs on average $60 there, and eating it for nothing is stupendous. plus their chocolate chip waffles are delightful! my new favorite dinner is their baby spinach and quinoa salad. you're welcome!

but back to the morning at hand...
i adore the way jude looks up to elle- it seriously makes my mommy heart about burst. 
then he punches her in the face and i am reminded he's a toddler. and a boy. and, well, sorry elle belle. :-/
c'mon bus, c'mon!
after breakfast it was time to share an ice cream cone at 10:30am. because it's vacation. and we're here, so why not. plus, no one turns down free ghiradelli, amiright??

oh! this was also the day we let the kids pick out their present. we've learned that all the "i want this!" -ing that happens on a trip can be solved somewhat easily by saying we're not buying a single thing until the end of the trip. we've done this the last 4 years, and we've left with exactly 1 souvenir/person each visit. yay! there's usually fights the days leading up to the "shopping day," but the ironic part is that nothing they choose is ever what they wanted in the days prior. jude picked a football (reminds me of this from last year!), and elle picked an anna doll. she also scored an elsa doll thanks to nana & papa for her birthday:)  

this method and starting to potty train at 18 months are the only 2 things i feel like i've done with enough conviction to brag as a parent. i swear by these two things. the rest of my parenting attempts are mediocre/lousy at best:)
back at the hotel for some afternoon swimming, a nap (lake laps), and more getting out of wiggles.
we decided to head back to the port orleans riverside (the hotel where we stayed last year) to ride the crazy bikes around. we made the trek over with the kids, arriving via boat at 5:05, only to learn the marina where you rent the bikes closes at 5:00.  *sigh.*

i must also add- the boats are gone! there are, like, no boats at disney anymore (ok, i'm sure they're somewhere, but not at any of the 4 spots we usually check). we used to always rent a boat! 
the next best thing to do was go back to our old building and recreate the joy that was playing in the fountains. jude knew exactly what to do- it was so funny watching his little mind connect the memories from last year!!!
then we played in the hammocks and mike challenged each of us to a game of tetherball. because he apparently was quite the tetherball champ back in elementary school. i was boiling hot so i threw off my dress (fear not, my swimsuit stayed on most days just for times like this), and went down the hotel water slide with all the random children. then i got out, pretended i knew what i was doing, put my dress back on and we left. :)  
4 editions down, 1 to go...

(see parts 123 & 5. )

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