country meets city: family visiting dc

 last week mike's dad, sister, and niece came out from utah for a little visit. mike grew up in the country. (c.o.u.n.t.r.y.) we talked before they came about how in the world we were going to show them all the dc area had to offer in 4 days, then had the harebrained idea to throw nyc into the mix as well!  because that's how we roll. like lunatics. so we did. and nearly killed them.  and i'm not sure they will want to come back for a loooooong time.     :)   

(also, mike's sister does have a body, but she's apparently hiding. ^^)

the first night we welcomed them by sitting in traffic for a couple of hours- which is always a delight. whenever we talk on the phone it's the usual, "what are you doing?" "sitting in traffic." it was like our phone calls were coming to life!! poor kenzie got car sick sitting in the back of our rental van, and miraculously we pulled over and she managed to keep down her lunch. our grandioso plans for that night went out the window, and we grabbed a pizza at 8pm, then went back to our apartment and set up la casa petersen- the three of them slept in our living room (+ 1 bathroom! 7 people! go us). then we all passed out for the night.

i'm fairly sure mike took them on a 15 mile walk their first full first day? elle had school and i had work, but mike took them via metro to arlington cemetery, then they walked to the white house where they saw the president land via helicopter- talk about PERFECT timing! next, they explored the national mall and walked around the museum of art. elle and i picked them up around 4, and we headed to georgetown for burgers, cupcakes, and some scenery...
jude delicately ate his portion of the cupcake, 
then we drove to see the temple...
 the next day (thursday) they went back downtown- i had a big work meeting in the am, so after much chaos, we were all off in our different directions. they hit up most of the big museums downtown until mike's poor dad's back gave out. literally. :( 

around 3 we got elle from school and headed to annapolis to visit the amish market (PRETZELS!), stock up on various sundries, and then we were off to the pretty waterfront for dinner at iron rooster...
oh, yes they do. can you believe it!? and they were amazing. the food was all awesome, and it was fun to sit down together for a meal. 

after dinner we walked along the waterfront, then up and down a street or two (they're prefect streets, remember!?) until everyone looked like they were sleepwalking (/walking crooked). and we headed home. because the next day we were scheduled to be on the road by 7am! time to pack up for the road trip...

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