country meets city: family in nyc, part 2

we continued on, post-snack break, further into central park, stopping at sheep meadow for probably my favorite view in all the city. (i'd also like to give elle, our photographer, mad props for catching that lens flare spot-on! you go, girl.)
the kids adore kenzie. there were very few instances when one/both of them was not hanging from one of her arms;) she's such a sweetheart! (and a trooper.)
our ears led us to the street performers. the same guys are always in that same spot (they're on the street near chinatown in dc, too- they must be related:) basically they spend 20 minutes revving the crowd being witty, jumping around, and trying to collect money ("big money only!") from tourists.
and then there was this tree! 
right in the middle of all the green ones who weren't yet convinced they should turn quite yet...
downtown on the subway- a visit to chinatown was in order. 
also one of the more hilarious parts of our trip. while mike tried to teach the not-so-subtle art of haggling, jude played with this frog in the tupperware until his fingers were frozen off his body (weather in the 50's gives me a headache. it's so confusing. coat? no coat. sweater? no sweater. sunshine? wind? what is happening!? what do i wear!?).
then we walked to joe's on carmine. because that pizza is just the best, and at $2/slice, why bother eating anywhere else. 

as we walked i stared at all the buildings and admired the way the light hits them when the sun sets, and how brilliantly built they are- old and quaint shmushed next to contemporary and modern. it's all so fascinatingly interesting to me.
^^ i spy with my little eye.... bernie, steph, and kenzie! there they were walking home to their room to rest before we went back out and explored times square. 
the kids played in the furniture. 
mike stared out the window with is "bir-noculars."
then we went out to join the throngs of people below...
those creepy characters freak me out with their removable heads- they don't even try to keep them on. i wouldn't let elle get any closer:) plus, i'm not tipping. 
then we did the times square thing: toys r us, the hershey store, the m&m store, and a whole lot more walking later, before calling it a night:)

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