nyc for the weekend, part 2

we've averaged a visit to nyc every-other month this year. whenever we have spare time we joke, "wanna go to new york?" and i'm starting to question our ability to think rationally since we actually do consider it every time it's mentioned. (for example, this is weekend is labor day weekend. it seems totally logical to go back to the city two weekends in a row, right? hmmmmm....)

so, saturday. the kids were so focused on the glass house they didn't notice mike went to scope out the line at jane's carousel. (apparently everyone was still in line at juliana's because the carousel line was tiny!)

the kids ran off, hand in hand (melting heart)- total highlight of the trip. best $4 we spent.
elle was jumping for joy. she named her horse isabella, and jude named his thunder- the horses raced as mike and i cheered them on (isabella won by an ear). the view was about as good as it gets, not to mention there was a breeze as we slowly circled around listening to that always awesome carousel music. i loved it. thanks, jane!
^^ insert face-smacking. 
feeling cheap and like we'd already sweated a lot, so what's a little more, we opted to walk back across the bridge (stopping to get fresh mango! it was amazing!), and meandered over to bubby's to visit the photo booth (elle & jude just wanted to play with the cow). 

we walked to the west village and over to little italy to get pizza at joe's, and the kids played at the park, all the while taking turns going to the bathroom umpteen times (meaning we bought a lot of diet coke at mcdonalds so they could keep going to the bathroom). more bathroom breaks on the walk uptown meant frozen hot chocolates at starbucks (we finally perfected the order: chocolate frappuccino, no coffee! half the price of serendipity and much more readily available! totally worth all the waiting in line to go to the bathroom, once without toilet paper and soap! and i didn't bring in my bag! that was a creative trip, let me tell you. you can now call me lady macgyver).
holy napkins. 
i recommend the cheese pizza instead of the pepperoni. much less messy. i also recommend not sharing with a 2-year-old.
  check out the painting! 
mostly check out the little people hanging out doing the painting.    no thanks. 

we eventually made it back to the bus terminal with sore feet- i mapped just the morning walk: 8.6 miles. hello!

once we got back to our hotel i had to make a walmart run- thankfully there was one just across the street, but it was literally like the day after thanksgiving- all 25 check lanes were open, and each had at least a dozen people in line. after about 30 minutes of waiting, me and my 3 items checked out, and i drug my exhausted body back to the bed.
it was no manhattan, but that view from our hotel room was pretty amazing! the skyline and big moon made it seem not so bad. we used our marriott points for our courtyard stay, and this was definitely worth free!
 sunday we were up early and headed back into the city (the bus stop was just outside the hotel, and only made 1 stop before arriving in midtown- 15 minutes! awesome!). uptown we went via subway, and after some bagels at our usual spot, we went to all of church- the kids were darling in primary/nursery, and mike and i had a date of sorts for 2 whole hours!
 mike changed in the bathroom after church, and by the time we got out it was after 12:30. jude was back asleep in the stroller within nanoseconds of rolling. we grabbed hot dogs from grays, then banana pudding from magnolia's, and walked over to central park to picnic (on said walk we discussed what hypocrites we were for buying food on sunday when elle clearly reminded us the entire church block was dedicated to keeping said day holy. #ouch)...
 we watched the row boats crash into each other (they must be hard to steer, yes?) as jude slept peacefully. we sat and enjoyed the shade, listening to a girl playing the ukulele behind us:)
matching child and fountain pose.
which was entirely unintentional, but is now too creepy to change...
 over to the pond to feed the... turtles. (???)
 we took the subway back to midtown and met up with my brother, sister-in-law, nephew & niece for a little catching up- it's been like 8 years. how sad is that!? yikes!
we've learned if we leave early in the morning we can get most of the way before we need a bathroom break (our record was 4 hours 10 minutes without a stop!); if we leave late, we stop constantly. this drive? we stopped constantly. we finally made it home after 10pm, and crawled into bed. i had to be at work at 6am, and spent monday in a "did that all just happen?" haze.

(part 1 here.)

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