nyc for the weekend, part 1...

we booked and canceled this trip at least 5 times. we gave in the day before, per our usual, because, 1) it's nyc. that's what we do; 2) my brother and sister-in-law were in town from arizona and we figured a quick meet-up merited the drive; 3) we like the challenge of going all the way to nyc with 2 kids for an overnight trip- who doesn't like waking up monday morning feeling like they've been hit by a bus? :) 

free hotel points + we vowed no shopping and no sitting down to eat, so voila: super cheap trip to nyc was back on, with a mere few hours to do laundry and pack.
saturday morning, 6:55am: we to hit the road.

we were in manhattan by lunchtime, and decided to head to brooklyn. 
the 2 & 3 trains were out of service (we didn't realize this until it was too late and we were halfway downtown on the 1), so we got off at canal street and decided to walk across lower manhattan, and over the brooklyn bridge (which is always a favorite of mine). we've never made the bridge walk mid-day, and i don't recommend it. early morning is the way to go. it was so busy!
jude passed out while we walked- the sound of cars below and the wobble of the wood planks were apparently quite the lullaby. when we walked this in march it was a terrible experience where jude screamed the entire way. this was a slice of sleep heaven:) also- once again, double stroller for the win!
taken by my favorite 5-year-old photographer.
as elle took that ^^ mike took this...
since jude was asleep we decided not to wake him to go down the "shortcut stairs" on the bridge, and in fact kept walking. bad idea. it literally drops you off in, like, downtown brooklyn! it was SUCH a long walk! we did get to backtrack a mile and see way too many leaves piled up on the sidewalks- is it fall? it didn't feel like fall. the sweat pouring down us sure didn't scream fall...
oh no! so we walked to brooklyn for pizza. we forgot that normally we get there at 11 when juliana's opens, but now it was full-fledged saturday lunchtime. the line must have been 2 hours long. i stopped and whined a lot, then reasoned the only thing to do was eat ice cream for lunch instead.
so we did.
while elle & i got our cone & oreo sandwich, mike got a lemonade to balance out the whole thing.
then we played at the park...
...and stopped by tom fruin's glass house...
all before the best part of the day... which is to come... because i'm out of time.

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