from the cutting room floor...

sometimes i get all sentimental about the photos that are stuck in my phone and don't see the light of day. i'm waiting for a big electronic black hole to come and suck up all the memories i've kept electronically, so might as well save them in as many sources as is humanly possible. just in case. 
subway-riding, frozen-hot-chocolate-drinking, brooklyn-bridge-mango-eating, puppy-day-care-watching, post-church-attending, cross-dressing-swimsuit-wearing delights were first up.
then it's neighborhood envy near 2amy's, elle and jude's preferred cereal-eating location (course #7 of the day), and now that it's cooling off in the evening: night walks! (not photographed are the record-breaking 21 mosquito bites on my ankles. just my ankles!)
also, some dancing at the art museum by elle, and mike and i in front of the empty panda exhibit at the zoo. mama panda was busy birthing twins (we had no idea).
the night before school we had a picnic with bubbly at the lake; sitting by the pool for a change of scenery; emoji poster by elle; 2amy's is still the greatest food in all of dc; and below: zoning out after being up all night with a feverish jude (trying to keep from another seizure); mike's mode of pushing the stroller- via penny board; dancing to the awesomeness that is band practice; and the reveal of elle's teacher outside her school. this is big stuff, people!

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