to the orchard!

friends invited us to pick peaches at larriland farm on saturday, but i had no idea they had so many great things to choose from! i regret not coming early and getting a start at grapes- by the time we went to pick grapes around lunchtime they were all gone:( 

we walked around the barn, looked at the field of wildflowers and herbs, picked some kale, then fed the llamas and goats. once everyone made it, we all ventured to pick peaches before heading over for blackberries! blackberries. i assume they take into account that you your kids eat 50% of what you pick into the price... maybe? my gosh we were covered in juice! jude was beyond ready for a nap, so mike took him to the car to sleep, and said the workers looked at him with a look of distain as they exited, covered in juice, without buying a single thing- like they were cheap snackers who dined and dashed:) thankfully, elle and i picked up the rear and bought our big bushel of berries before heading out. mmm.... heaven.
oh, the bees! my GOSH i have never seen such big bees!
waiting under the shade of a big tree. i think mike was in his element.
millions of peaches... peaches for me...
someone get that song out of my head, stat!
i swear you can never capture the beauty of berries without seeing them in person. these things were HUGE- like mini grapes all connected together. and they were so sweet! 
the drive to the farm was incredible- the first time i have uttered the words, "wow! it is beautiful here!" to describe maryland. it was beyond picturesque. the cornfields met right up with perfectly manicured lawns- miles and miles of manicured grass. the homes were breathtaking. horses. tree-lined, winding streets, and sun flashes through the branches. the weather was hot, but not humid. the windows were all open and our arms danced up and down in the wind. oh! what a day! we drove through brookeville- which- hello! was the US capitol for a DAY! :)  

after lunch we went to (a new) cafe rio, which i like to call "little utah." if you're ever wanting a little utah, find a cafe rio. it's quite refreshing. we laughed with friends and headed toward home with our spoils. we pit stopped at an old cemetery, and meandered through the old rows with broken, now-blank headstones. it was like being on a different planet for a day! the best part? we totally have a fridge full of souvenirs:)

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  1. oh, my, I'm dying over this picturesque post! You guys are filling the pages of Petersen family history with so many incredible experiences--it's super duper inspiring.


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