the national WWII memorial & reflecting pool...

there's only one thing better than roast and mashed potatoes on a sunday, 
and this is it. 
since we can't go to my parent's for sunday dinner anymore, our sunday walks & picnics have become our new favorite tradition. this day in particular we talked about our walks being the highlight of our time here. they're also what i think we'll miss the most when the weather turns and/or we aren't this close to the city. 
mike's picnic-packing skills have improved exponentially since this first picnic when we all shared an apple, bundle of grapes, and 1 package of crackers. these days he's creating sandwich-bag-art, and filling us with bowls of fruit, pb&j (j only for elle- which i'm sure has zero nutritional value when it's without it's trusty pb companion), chips, and fruit snacks!    on-point, man.   we relaxed in the shade and the kids chased each other around while mike and i chatted about what the heck we're doing with our lives. (hashtag typical daily conversation.)
also, it's been mentioned in passing, but mike considers himself to be a squirrel whisperer, and is teaching my kids his ways. i'm trying to convince him i would like to keep everyone rabies-less, but no one is listening to me.

once a few months back, mike trained "his" squirrel friend- yes, there is a specific black squirrel he knows (which elle named heshe)- to ride his penny board.   no joke.

today? mike and the kids made friends with this fearless fella...
eh, waaaaaay too close for comfort if you ask me.
across to the WWII memorial for some foot-cooling...
then we meandered down alongside the reflecting pool...
ducks like chips.
^^ typical faces.
... and a typical model pose, complete with her new lunch bag from nana & papa. jude has a minion lunch bag, and these two carry them everywhere. too bad my mom didn't fill them with roast and mashed potatoes before she sent them......
which now brings us full circle since the start of this post:)

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