paddle boats on the tidal basin!

so, the paddle boats. oh, the lure of the paddle boats! 

basically, paddle boats are intriguing 100% of the time. 
when you're in the boat, they fill you with regret 100% of the time. 

years ago when mike and i were in the caribbean we rented this water trike thing (google it. hilarious)- at one point the wind was just strong enough i remember saying, "i give up! they will have to just come pull us back in! this is literally impossible!" mike "paddled" the rest of the way back, and has yet to let me live it down. UNTIL NOW. on this day? i rewrote history.
after our morning at the orchard we dropped off our loot at home and headed downtown with the intent to check another thing off our dc bucket list- it was a saturday at 4ish, so i knew our chances were only decent of getting an actual boat, but we actually made it! we found our favorite free parking spot, hiked a mile or so, locked up our stroller, and made our way to the boats. it was overcast (sort of), but HOT. we were not dressed in far too many layers, and had zero sunscreen, so we were going on a wing and a prayer.

the worst part of the whole thing was the life jackets- are you ready for this? OH IT'S SO BAD! gah! i can't even type it!     
*gag*     late in the day. 90 degrees. extreme exercise disguised as fun. 
all this results in bins of useddirty life jackets with RINGS around the neck. 
rings of sweat!!!
i actually was dry heaving as i put mine on. 
oh! the horror! 
AH, i can't go on. 
i must stop now for the sake of my lunch.
so the experience was fun. we laughed a lot. we yelled a lot. we cried a lot. it was all... a lot. jude and elle insisted on sitting up front- which did not work. they did not fit. we did not fit. i would have given up the paddle portion to sit in the back, but alas, mike was quicker than i and offered to sit in the back while i peddled (peddled?) in circles with a child steering us round and round and round. jude wanted to steer. and paddle. and swim. he was angry and confined so he did a lot of this...
ha! the face! i feel like this should be a frame-r. minus my giant head. eh, such a distraction.
brilliantly written: "supervision of youthful operators advised," 
and "fast pedaling can cause rapid tiring of legs." 

yah. we noticed. i felt like jude looked:
basically i made up for that one time in the caribbean when mike paddled the whole time. i redeemed myself.

we survived and loved our time on the paddle boat. i'm set for another decade. next time? the kids are peddling (paddling?) me around.


  1. So anyone else notice those killer white boots/sandals/shoes in one of Jude's picture? Where can I get me some of those?

    1. YES! so i didn't want to point it out before, but now that you brought it up- how hilarious is that!? it's quite the collection of legs/clothing/footwear:) glad someone else noticed.


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