hands that smell like old pennies in the summertime, and 33...

every year around this time i break into a typical "so long, sweet summer" blurb (equal amounts of: dashboard makes my heart complete & how poetically that phrase rings true. [i heart you, chris carrabba]). this summer i may break into it at some point, but for now, this has been the flipping hottest summer on the planet, and all i am longing for is a sweater, boots, and some crunchy fall leaves and crisp air (i will regret saying this in 2 months, i'm sure of it). i'm more-so saying so long, sweet summer with a tone of peace out. see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya. 
this summer has been incredible. in hindsight, it's been dream-like, and filled with every wished for bucket list item crossed out with a big ol sharpie (am i the only one who does that? i love crossing things off lists...). mostly though, it's been hot. hot and full of traffic and tourists.

sunday we had our traditional sunday walk, but we didn't make it far. it was one of those times where you could actually feel yourself melting with each step. it hurt to breathe. i feel like dc is (in)famous- at least in my mind- for being desert-like in its lack of shade. 

our goal was to make it to albert and eat. that's what we did. and that's all we did. 

nice to meet you mr. einstein. 

'twas so smart of you to find yourself a spot in the shade under a big tree 
(or is it the shade under a big poison tree!? did you see what i did just there!? totally unintentional, but i'm telling you. i speak in dashboard)...
 ^^ a little finger over the shutter & mid-blink (the others were entirely over the lens), but i like the quirky shots anyway. thanks, elle! 

mike got stuck on albert's head. jude wouldn't put down his minion lunchbox (yes, just like last week), and we all smelled like old pennies as we walked away. 

true story.

fast forward to wednesday. every day this week felt like friday. EVERY.DAY! monday? friday. tuesday? friday. and on it goes. by wednesday, it really felt like friday because it was mike's birthday (don't get me started because then thursday felt like friday AND saturday since i had the night before off... what a mess). mike has had a killer toothache and has been in full-on man-meltdown-mode for days. it goes in waves, so thankfully after i got off work early, we had a sporadically awesome afternoon of fun (intermittently strung between cries of pain and rocking in the fetal position).
so on wednesday mike turned 33. (i won't say who was in the fetal position about that one. 33!)
we went to the beach. because, again: summertime. days are winding up. mostly, saturdays are impossible days to get into the beach (literally, you can't get there. it closes- too full), fridays traffic is about as bad as your worst nightmare. thursdays are the new fridays, and as a coworker told me on my way out wednesday, "good luck getting to annapolis- wednesdays are the new thursdays, and we all know thursdays are the new fridays." HEAVEN HELP ME! 
we only hit one big chunk of traffic, thankfully. but it was bad. i did my normal screaming, shaking, and yelling, "THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT NORMAL! THEY ACTUALLY ARE COMPLETELY UNAWARE HOW TO DRIVE!" because apparently even 2:50 on a wednesday traffic isn't smooth around here. *insert swear words.*
 but the beach!
 this was at the end of the beach day. ^^ fancy parking lot shots.
beforehand, however, check out elle. it's the evolution of the walk to the shore. i love this...
 i should make an animated gif of those last 3. 
 the water felt amaaaazing! if we were going to rate the weather solely on this afternoon at the beach, i'd give it a 10. or two thumbs up. or three gold stars (i'm not sure how many is "best" when it comes to gold stars).
 then there's this boat. 
this random, dirty boat. 
right by the nasty bathrooms (someone was actually squirting blood on this day from their face. that was cool. or not), there are even classier port-a-potties. i'm positive they're cleaner than the bathroom. 

i know why people pee in the ocean. 
one more! trying to get to the "33" hands. ^^ 
and finally, we went to cafe rio on the way home and elle ate like she's never eaten before. she polished off everyones food. growth spurt i say. maybe she'll hit 40 pounds before kindergarten starts next week? OH I CAN'T! i'm not talking about that yet. did i mention it's all-day kindergarten? STOP! i'll stop. 
back to looking like an animal:
happy 33rd, mikey!


  1. That looks like such a fun beach! The weather definitely looks like a 10!!! Oh Elle, stop growing would you? Your mom doesn't like it, your dad doesn't like it, your Aunts Kristen, Elizabeth, and Annika don't like it. The world doesn't like it. so STOP! You're not allowed to go to Kindergarten.


  2. And Nana and Papa don't like it either! Nothing worse than being in pain..but on your birthday! Shouldn't be allowed! And oh beautiful beach...where were you when we lived there all those months! Enjoy it!!!!!


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