this past weekend...

 last weekend was about as random as they come. we're in full-fledged humidity meltdown around these parts, and that also means periodical bouts of torrential ran and thunderstorms reeking havoc on weekend plans. 

we were favored to enjoy (in no particular order) some seriously amazing indian food at spice 6 (which i always want to call studio 6? even though that show was called studio 5 and i really never watched it... or maybe i'm thinking of studio c? i didn't really watch that either, but what i did see what hilarious. alas, i have to take a good long pause whenever i recall the name of said delicious eatery), as well as a family date to see "minions" at the most killer theater. it's killer because they have seats that recline nearly flat, we get an entire side section to ourselves, and the first matinee is only $5 per person. (five dollars!) but those seats. did i tell you they recline nearly-flat? they get me every time. this is our second movie since moving here. we go for the seats. the kids go for the hot dog. we make them share a single hot dog and buy nothing else because, 1) they're hot dogs and i don't like to think of what hot dogs are made of, and 2) they cost as much as a movie ticket. this theater though- super not nice, nor is it in a nice area, but those seats! THE SEATS! we do it for the seats.
 we also went on some runs. alone and with the kids. with the kids, i don't like to call them "runs." it's more like an obstacle course of chaos. look at jude's red cheeks! kid likes to run amok. "running amok" is not the same as "running," just to be clear. we're also still getting the, "TWINS!?" question on a weekly basis. nope! 3.5 years apart, but thanks for asking! he's huge, she's tiny. cool, yah? also cool? elle's art. this is from MEMORY! honestly. this girl. destined for art fame, let me tell you.
 we live by this winner of a place. i want to hurl whenever we pass. there are a lot of crab/seafood joints around here. i mean, i know maryland and seafood, but we're not in that part of maryland so i say no-go. eek.
 elle had some quiet time after church sunday where we thought she was maybe napping, but it turns out she helped herself to some snacks and drinks, as well as some movies on our bed. 

we had the missionaries over for supper (they are awesome- we have some great missionaries!). right in the middle of dinner jude thought it was an opportune time to break into the "boobies!" monologue, which lasted far too long. he screamed it from every corner of the apartment (and from time out). there was no escaping his cries. what do i do- what do i do!? attention? ignore it? either way, it lasts forever. i was beet red. awesome. we all had a good, long, awkward chuckle for the next 20 minutes until we distracted jude enough to get to another topic. and a spiritual message, which followed really well. or not. doh!

after our sunday supper went on our little walkabout downtown. we explored some new areas that i really like. and mike finally got to see the sculpture garden we love so much!
 then we walked, and HEY! chinatown! at least we assumed, judging by the signs. two thumbs up, chinatown. we're going back when we can eat out. i'm telling you, we find the best places when we're not in a position to go shopping/dining. until next time quaint little dives, until next time.
and there you have it. the weekend.

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