celebrating our 10th...

we made plans to go to annapolis the afternoon of our annviersary- i watched the weather and we had high hopes that the thunderstorms would hold off until our time at the beach was done. it looked promising! to make a great situation even better, one of my dearest friends for the last 20+ years (twenty!) was in town with her family and we decided to meet up at sandy point.
 basically i gabbed with her the entire time, the wind was blowing something fierce, and the sky was looking a liiiiittle ominous. the lifeguards told is we had to leave immediately (like there was some crazy evacuation or something), therefore, we loaded up (like 30 minutes after we got there), and stood in the parking lot for the dark cloud to pass over. no storm. no rain. the end. not a very beach-y get together, but with this girl i don't care. we're super opposite personality-wise, but it's the most hilarious match. although we don't see each other often, whenever we do meet up it's like nothing has changed- we're still dramatic 10-year-old girls who do nothing but giggle.
quick pause for 1) hello, where i work. so pretty, right? all those thunderstorms do the grass good, let me tell you. this was my view as i headed home from work on this crazy day. 2) note the box below. elle has some crazy artistic genes in her body. she apparently decided to make us an anniversary card, and without the correct paper, she took matters into her own hands. she got her kid scissors (we all know those are sharp. not), and started sawing out this heart from a box! can you believe that!? first that she can get through cardboard with kid scissors without a template, and second that she didn't slice off an appendage. props to her.
 so back to our afternoon: after the beach we headed to the mall. the kids were begging for hot dogs, so we went to five guys and watched them split a hot dog (five guys: i'm not a fan). meanwhile, mike got me a diet lemonade from chick-fil-a, because, well, have you ever had their diet lemonade? *insert bomb emoji here* at that point we realized a sit-down dinner was silly, so instead we went to cafe rio. 
but first! we walked by the family bathroom, which for some reason, is like the coolest place to my kids. it disgusts me in equal parts that i'm once again talking about bathrooms in a blog post, and two that we spend so much time in said public bathrooms. it has toys- like a waiting room? it's the strangest thing. the kids love it. tiny potty's. games. movies. couches. why leave? oh! i know why! it's my anniversary and i don't want to hang out in a bathroom for an hour! i win!  :)
so, cafe rio. 
it was perfect. i mean, sure, the prices are higher, and they've replaced the strawberries with oranges, but the kids were awesome and silly, and we had the funniest conversations in that little corner of the restaurant. 

i have these moments where i just stare at our family and am filled with love and gratitude. i loved that we were all together. sticky from sea salt and sharing our little meal. i never would have envisioned this 10 years ago, but whatever i would have imagined wouldn't have been this cool. we talked about going on a date just us two, but it didn't feel right this day, and now i know why- i wouldn't trade this night with my kids for the world. some days, a break is refreshing, other days it seems criminal. those are two cool little people.

elle took the above photo with very specific direction: "ok you two! lean in! make a heart with your hands just like this... oh, yes! that's perfect! i'll take two just in case..."

meanwhile, jude told me (for the millionth time) all about the bathroom trashcans (here i go again! bathroom talk!) "cafe rio potty! two! trashcans! tiny trashcan, BIIIIG TRASHCAN!!!" he literally talks nonstop about it. i have zero idea why, but he has a memory like nothing i've ever seen, an impeccable sense of direction, and a fascination with the "tiny trashcan, BIIIIIG TRASHCAN!" this is his face while he told me... 
does it get any better?
 i really wanted one of those sprinkle cones on the way home, but instead we settled for dq (mistake). either way, elle's face and dance was worth my disappointment:)

when we loaded up in the car and headed home, kids arguing bickering chatting in the back seat, we realized it was exactly 6:20, which meant it was exactly 4:20 in utah! the time we officially became an us. kiss! three cheers for the petersens!

we managed to get home without traffic, had baths, ate popcorn, and watched a movie on the couch. seriously, couldn't have been much better.

and there you have it. 
here's to our 11th year...

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