pool & pizza...

 a handful of things to mention:

1) i love my job.
2) i love our apartment.
3) if it weren't for the #1 and #2, we would likely have a vastly different opinion about this whole experience. 
3) we go to the pool on a daily basis. the pool is amazing. it is approximately 18 steps from our apartment door, and we can see it from our windows. it's warm. and there are helicopter lifeguards who stare at us awkwardly, but they make the whole experience more entertaining. if it weren't for the ridiculous rent, we probably would stay forever. 
4) mike is finishing an mba. we don't see him a lot- we pass each other a lot, actually. swapping little children, usually it involves me taking them swimming each evening. this night was friday night. and mike finished a final the night before, so he caved to our pleadings and we partied the night away.
 last week a lady in line behind me at target had one of those puddle jumpers in her hands, and asked "have you ever used one of these?" my overenthusiastic reaction was twofold- first, because no one ever strikes a conversation here, let alone asks for input, and second, because those puddle jumpers are *two thumbs up emoji.* i love them. the kids have become little fish- sure, i should get them actually swimming on their own, but when you're at the pool alone and history has shown they're terrified of water, one is hesitant. the past 2 weeks though, the kids have literally done more than they have in years. it's so fun to see them get more comfortable in the water. bless you, puddle jumpers!
 so after the pool i was way too lazy to cook, so we walked a couple miles to a pizza place i've been wanting to try (i realize the irony in being too tired to cook, but willing to walk 2 miles in 95 degree heat and 100% humidity)...
 we shared 1 pizza and got 1 drink. we realized how silly we looked- 4 people sharing a little pizza and drink while everyone around us had 1 of each, per person.   good times.
 as many toppings as you want for the same price!? yes, please! let's be honest. everyone but me picked most of them off. 
it was no pizzeria limone, but i'll take what i can get.
and then there's jude. who drank an entire large blood orange lemonade before we realized he'd stolen it. this kid can drink. he was introduced to soda at a very young age (against my will), and since has become an addict. upsetting, and hilarious all at the same time:) jude basically drinks anything without hesitation. 

so just like that, the pool & pizza night was over. minus the walk back, uphill, with 2 kids and full bellies (despite the lack of plentiful pizza).

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