philadelphia, part 1

we headed to philly for an overnight memorial day weekend getaway! some luck, strategizing, and aligned stars made it possible for us to go there (and back!) with zero rush hour traffic. it was magical- 2 hours-ish and voila! a few more stars aligned, and we found free parking near our first stop: the rocky steps...
^^ 'tis a tiny jude! 
would we have visited sans-kids, i really would have loved to see the philadelphia museum of art. maybe next time?

also, like normal, we spent a decent amount of time keeping jude from doing exactly what the signs said not to do...
then we were off to reading terminal market!
jude & i waited for a roast beef sandwich at dinic's, while mike & elle went for a hot dog elsewhere, then we met up and hunted for a table. after, we picked out 2 treats- a black & white cookie (still don't like them. i needed to try just one more time. you know, to confirm i didn't have a dud the first time), and a piece of chocolate, and we went outside to get our sugar high before moving on...
love park!
after love park, we happened upon perhaps the greatest splash pad (fountain?) i have ever seen. how i didn't hear about this in my planning our trip, i have no clue. i'm still getting used to cities being decently un-kid-friendly, but man oh man, let me just tell you: dilworth park! i would make the drive again just for dilworth park.
i'm a dumb-dumb and left the sunscreen in our car a mile away, so the entire time i was freaking out that the kids would look like lobsters by evening. we stayed an hour or so, but at that point i convinced them they could have endless fruit snacks if we just left. so they agreed. we about ran to the car, walking in the shadow of every tall building we could get close to. thankfully, they didn't get too red, and it was probably the best part of the entire trip. they were completely drenched. (or whatever the word is for "as wet as is humanly possible.")we went to a splash pad here in dc a few weeks ago and they wouldn't even go near it, but this one? they were in h.e.a.v.e.n!
more soon!

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