our little d.c. apartment: a tour

 i was sure this move was going to be suffocating. 

we spent the first 8 years of our marriage in tiny spaces (and i'm talking tiny), then we wanted to stretch out and went from 800 to 3,000 square feet. a move back to less than 800 (and 1 bathroom), this time with 2 kids, made me nervous. 
we sold, donated, threw away, and stored most everything we owned. 
we shipped the rest in a tiny part of a trailer (our couch took up most of the space). 
we planned to live "without" while we were on this adventure, but somehow... 
i love it. 
i love it all. 
i love the tiny space. 
i love the bare walls (i do wish they were all white- if it was a giant white box i might consider never leaving). 
i love the sparse decor. (the walls are usually covered in elle's artwork.)
i love the upside-down basket as a night stand. 
i love the simplicity and the lack of fuss. 
i love that when we run out of room, we take a load to the salvation army.
i wonder why the heck we bought any of the things we did, and wonder if we'll ever want all that space again. sure, i miss the ability to sit more than 4 people at a table. and i wish there was more space for visitors. and i hate that our neighbors hate us because of the hardwood floors (bless their souls- children have no ability to walk, run, and/or stand gently. they take concrete-like steps everywhere). but i love this little space of ours...
we bought a few new things when we moved here (like you do with any new space, i suppose)- a table & chairs, rug, and new bed frame. let me tell you- moving is so expensive, i swear it's just cheaper to buy new! (especially when you have online shopping and an ikea nearby.) i feel like if we had to sell these pieces on craig's list i wouldn't be heartbroken- it cost more to restock the fridge, pantry, and kitchen than to buy that furniture!
it helps that our apartment is incredibly well laid-out. even though we have 1 bathroom and 1 sink, we aren't squished. there is a ton of storage, and i actually think our closet is my favorite we've ever had (mind you, we just had separate closets at our last place, so that says a lot:)
mike & the kids clipped flowers one day and put them in a pickle jar. they lasted for so long, looking just oh, so pretty! (maybe it was the pickle juice? :)
to bring a little of utah with us, i ordered a metal hanging (above) for the apartment, & a canvas print (below) for my office, with some photos we took the week before we left (more on that later). i have a reeeeally hard time printing pictures- i have hundreds (thousands) i adore, but i love them all so much, i just hate printing them. it's strange. i can post dozens a week on this blog and instagram, but printing for the walls is a different story. i never can pick just one. so collages help:) you should have seen my walls in college (college: not to be confused with collage;)... hello wallpaper-o-photos!
now i feel like i have stacks of thank you's to write... which i do. and thankfully, i love to do (above are these & this- thank you, tiny prints!- oh, how they make the whole process more enjoyable)! everyone has been so supportive during this move and we are so grateful to be calling washington, d.c. home!


  1. I love how tidy your apartment is. I'm sure keeping immaculate would be a daily challenge, what with having two adorably active children and all. Anyway, you definitely have one of the best apartments I've ever had the pleasure of touring virtually, Amanda. Thank you for sharing that and all the best to you! :)

    Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes


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