seeing the cherry blossoms...

it's finally cherry blossom time! 

last monday night i left work a few minutes early and we headed to see the cherry blossoms- we tried twice before, but never made it to the trees since the traffic and crowds made it not worth the fight:) we heard they finally bloomed after way too many cold weeks, and since a storm was predicted to hit the next day, there was no wasting time! 

somehow, it was a gloriously warm, sunny, windy day. we spent an hour trying to get a parking space near the tidal basin, and we ended up on the other side of lafayette square, where we had a mini picnic before meandering toward the water. side note: will someone tell me how to navigate a city with small kids who are too small to walk miles, but are too big for strollers? mike's shoulders are going to be permanently indented from always having a kid on his shoulders. my arms are always like wet noodles by the time we get home. we've had 4 strollers, and sold 3/4 because none were what we needed- light, agile, compact, easy to collapse for transit, and easy enough to carry 1-2 kids. if someone knows something i don't, please send them my way. i swear we've tried them all. at this rate, elle will weigh 32 pounds the rest of her life- she walks more miles than any poor 5 year old should! 
meh, back to the topic at hand:
we sat for the longest time watching kites fly and teams play sports. jude and elle ran around and were as loud as they wanted- it was so nice not to yell, "shh! neighbors!" those poor kids have so many wiggles to get out. i love that this is their yard- this wide expanse of history and people is their playground.
 we finally made it to the tidal basin and basked in the flowers- it looked like it was snowing since the  winds were knocking blooms off the trees at a constant stream...


  1. So gorgeous! I'm so glad you guys are loving your new home. :)

  2. Uppababy umbrella stroller! It is the bomb! Light, easy to fold, has a strap to carry on your back, and a big basket on the bottom. It would at least carry one kid!


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