national air & space museum & eastern market...

 since we went to nearby (little) aviation museum, we've been super pumped to take the kids to the "real deal-" the national air & space museum. we thought we would knock their socks off! saturday after jude's nap we decided this was the day. we should have known it shouldn't have been the day, what is that dumb saying- your attitude is what you make it? i never remember the saying because i think it's a load of doo doo, but hey, i'm being honest here, and it never hurts to try. either way, the morning was off- i was super emotional about the move and the house and the cold weather and the day itself- it was the general women's session and i was particularly missing my sweet friends back home. the kids were a little sensitive, too, and mike was just coming off a big test for school. we decided to get fresh air and headed to the museum. traffic was more of a beast than normal (like an hour to go 3 miles slow... which is still slightly slower than normal). we found parking, paid the usual limb(s), and meandered to the museum. 
the line was out the door. the "locals" were whispering this wasn't normal, and we were slightly relieved, and also unnerved by that discussion. 
inside, it was insanity. spring break students and families filled the halls to the point that you couldn't see a thing. it was one of those moments when you're actually swimming with the crowd because you have no choice? typical in this type of disneyland situation: jude wants out to run between the strangers and hope to get lost; elle wants held and starts whining immediately. trying to stay positive and (me) trying not to cry again that day, we attempted to plow through...
 ^^ this guy! wow. well, yes. things needed spruced up. i feel like i remember it being outdated when i was 14 in 1999, and i'm highly confident nothing has changed since then...
 ^^ jude's thoughts as well. sadly, socks? not knocked off. elle: "can we just go back to see the other plane museum now, please?"   :)
white flags of surrender = "happys" (fruit snacks).  so, off we went. 
we tried to walk to another museum, but that mall looks awfully big when the weather is lousy- in this case, 30, but the wind was blowing at hurricane speed, and it literally hurt to walk around. (we also talked about when we came years ago pre-kids, and it was so hot that we nearly fainted. i remember going into a bathroom and literally not being able to get my clothes off they were so sticky from the hot, humid air.... what is wrong with this place!?!?)
we attempted to make it to the metro stop, but signage isn't primo around here either, so we got lost. we gave up, walked all the way back to the car, and collapsed into our seats. still attempting to "keep a good attitude" (let's be honest, i was gone at this point. mike was trying hard though!), we decided to drive to eastern market. i remember loving it there!
the stars aligned and we found a great parking spot, but it was just too cold to be outside. the little bakery i remember was gone, so we just looked around instead. 
my phone was ringing off the hook with calls about everything- our house, things we're selling, inquiring neighbors, kind people who just had no idea it was a terrible time to call... you know. the norm. the kids were running haywire and screaming, and the market was packed and smelled extra fish-y, so we just left. we got in the car and drove around trying to absorb the charm of capitol hill (which i really do love), and after a quick stop at a new bagel place to get "dinner," we headed home to eat our fancy $5 bagels. i was deflated (other than the carb-feast. i love bagels), but it happens, right? you win some you lose some. we are doing our best to make the days meaningful and never miss an opportunity, but it's a lot! it's a lot to absorb and adjust to and enjoy. overall, we really love it here. we are happy and the kids are doing great. the people are lovely, and i really enjoy my job. it's been an adventure, and that's what we wanted! some days are more eventful and enjoyable than others, but it's life. an emotional wife, new stay-at-home dad, trapped-at-home daughter, and a crazy 2-year-old make for days that are not always ideal, but we're together and we're learning. so hooray! hooray for our adventures.

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