easter sunday, 2015...

easter coincided with general conference and my parents being in town! we went super low key for easter morning- i just am not into stuff (candy included)- i blame this big move. it's making every stuff seem so silly (probably since we sold a vast majority of everything we spend the last 10 years buying). i never want to buy anything again. except clothes. and food. they're still ok:)

saturday night we went out and grabbed a bag of candy and a little present for each of the kids. we didn't even do baskets. just scattered them on the floor like super great parents. easter is mike's favorite holiday, but this year it just felt a little quirky. i wish we could have been more "into" it, but oh well. mike worked his mike magic- making flour footprints on the floor, and stamping his head with the bunny print. we were sleeping on the couch while my parents were here, so mike said during the night he remembered feeling a big "thud" on his head. elle's face was hilarious when she saw it. priceless. "um... dad! i think he stepped... on... YOUR HEAD!!!" :) 
my parents scattered little easter eggs around the house for the kids to run around and pick up. it was lovely as always, and the kids were wired from eating their weight in candy by 7am. 
after conference, we tried for the cherry blossoms, but it was way too busy so we ended up pit stopping at a park for the kids to get wiggles out. it was a beautiful spring day, so we just enjoyed the sunshine and let the kids jump around.
i never understand wall art. but i like it anyway:)
astroturf for grass in the city: awesome.
thank you, spring, for the beautiful easter day! how thankful i am for this little family and the time we have to be all together to remember what is truly important.

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