visiting the white house...

there's this joke that seemed funnier before we realized it was true- when someone asks you how long it takes to get somewhere you say, "oh, between 20 minutes and 2 hours."     being 5 miles away means nothing.     5 miles of travel time usually takes the same by car or by foot- it's ridiculous.     5 miles takes an average of 30 minutes on a reeeeally good day.
last sunday afternoon we wanted to get out and enjoy the sunshine, so we went on a "little drive." we ended up by the white house, and quickly learned a secret that is the coolest secret anywhere- parking in dc is free on sundays! this is big because just 24 hours before we spent a measly $24 on parking in baltimore for 2 hours- so free is, like, big. so naturally we got out and started walking in our pj's like really cool tourists. we had grand intentions of trying to show the kids the exciting white house, but basically they wanted to run free through the crowds and mud and dirty snow.    so they did. 
 jude's super enthusiastic thoughts toward cultural observances was mostly a display of screaming, flailing, and thrashing his body to escape my photo attempt. hmm... reminds me of his sister back in the day...
hey, at least we tried.
that was a sunday walk like we've never had before!

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  1. These posts are incredible! I can't imagine going on a walk to the DC mall strip (is that what they call it??) What a total lifestyle and scenery switcharoo.


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