the washington d.c. lds temple

 on our way home from baltimore last saturday, we made a stop at the washington d.c. temple
this is where my parents were sealed, and it is a temple i visited a lot as a teenager. when we lived in maryland years ago, i used to interpret here, and spent many days exploring the pretty temple grounds. i came back with friends in college, and mike and i visited years ago when we were in town. 
it is always fascinating to go back to places that never change- physical structures that have existed long before, and will exist long after my time there- it's some weird time hop experience where everything feels different personally, but you look around and time seems frozen. 
it looked exactly like it existed in my memory. 
having little kids in-tow made the whole experience much louder than it had ever been before; really, we were terribly irreverent, and awful examples about how to act on temple grounds. if you go, it's generally a very peaceful, quiet, lovely place! i guess there was just something about begin cooped up in the car most of the day, being ready for dinner, and snow that was perfect snowball material and this was just not contributing to one of those peaceful experiences...    :-/
 oh, and mike kept making snowmen, and then eating their heads.    oh dear. 

we did have some peaceful time in the visitors' center where jude clearly made himself comfortable, and thoroughly enjoyed the media options. 

we also loved the model of what happens inside lds temples- there was one in salt lake i never made it too, but i loved seeing this model of the dc interior

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