the aviation museum & annapolis...

 the saturday of spring break we set off for an adventure. i feel like this time here is teaching me to let go of a lot of things. (control?) mike being home managing most of life's little details has naturally forced me to let go... sort of... one thing is that i'm learning i need to be better at rolling with life. this was one of those days- no "plans," but we had some things we thought would be fun, and as time became available we started exploring. 

that morning elle had a birthday party- she was so excited. although the kids have adapted way better than i anticipated, i can tell elle is starting to get a little antsy. losing preschool and dance has been hard on her little social self, so things like a birthday party make her giddy as can be! (and as a parent it always warms your heart:) after the party & jude's nap we headed for the aviation museum- which apparently is the oldest continuing operating airport in the world. (i love claims to fame like that. :)
 it was a gloomy, rainy day, and for some reason, super empty! we had the place to ourselves the first 30 minutes or so. it was really hands-on, and we spent the whole time dressed up like pilots because, well, why not, right? :) 
 after the museum it was still early, so we started driving. east...
...and ended up in annapolis!
 we found free parking (a rarity, and quite a delight. i can't state enough how maddening the driving/parking/traffic situation is here, but that is another post for another day), so we parked and just started walking. first, along a pier, then we discovered main street and started exploring; it was also st. patty's day (paddy's?) weekend, and the bars and restaurants were decked out.
we had lunch at middleton tavern (which was established in 1750!), and apparently was the dining place of a lengthy list of american presidents. the building was awesome; we sat by the fireplace (which was adorned with a giant projector playing basketball- i'm guessing that was not original:) i took the kids upstairs to the bathroom at least 5 times, and admired the crooked wooden staircase each time. the atmosphere gets two thumbs up. the food gets 1.5 thumbs down.
hey, ironically, middleton tavern is also one of the oldest continuously operating taverns in America-can you believe all this "continuously operating" history in one day (and i'm not joking- those are direct website quotes)!? :) 
 we walked to annapolis ice cream company (homemade ice cream!) before leaving town- by this point it was starting to rain. we grabbed our cones and started walking. within a block we realized we may have not had the wisest idea- the falling rain was melting our ice cream in the freezing weather faster than we could eat it! by the time we got back we were covered in rain water and sticky, melted ice cream! it made for so many laughs and looks from strangers... we get a lot of looks from strangers. i assume most are because we're decently abnormal- there are not many families with kids around. couples with a baby? sometimes. families? notsomuch. particularly in the rain. why is it always raining!?!? oh, you east coast! darn you and your green-tree-causing precipitation:)

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