on to the next adventure...

so, we moved! 
once we decided to make this move, literally everything just started falling into place. i actually started a “miracle” list of things that shouldn’t have happened… but did.

the evening of february 9th i got a job offer and accepted later that night. within 24 hours we’d signed a lease on an apartment we’d never laid eyes on, in a city we'd never been to, chosen completely at random. we sold one of our cars without putting it up for sale. we shipped out our second car, and sent 5’ of furniture in a trailer within 72 hours. we gave our notices and finished up work at jobs we loved. we put our house on the market (and all that goes along with it). we went to the dentist and doctor and squeezed in as many appointments as we could. we closed up as neatly as possible lives that we loved for an adventure that made absolutely no rational sense- financially we were taking an enormous gamble. we spent the last 10 years saving and planning and setting up our lives for what we thought we wanted, but now we felt like it was all off somehow. so, we left it all. 

less than 3 weeks after that first phone call, i finished my first day of work! it has been a total blur. we are living in the dc area- i got a job as an assistant to the vice president at the university of maryland, and mike is staying home with the kids and finishing an mba. (so far, he’s been a better stay-at-home dad than i ever was mom. and it’s quite embarrassing for me.) we’ve been without tv and internet for over a week, and that has taught me that i cannot live without tv and internet. (will someone fill me in on the bachelor already??) the kids are sharing a room which means we all get sleep about 50% of the time. we have hardwood floors, and i’m just waiting for an eviction notice because, let’s be honest, the words, “stop running so loudly!” make absolutely no sense to children, no matter how many times you beg. we also run on a different sleep cycle than college students (HA! that’s an understatement), and we have yet to find anyone outside an 18-24 age bracket in our entire complex. we are odd ducks here! alas, we love our apartment and our location. we're already having a great time. we have grown closer as a family, and are loving the total change of pace! i really like my job, and am excited for the new opportunities that are in store!
 the view out the kids' bedroom window. in the week we've been here we've seen it all- sunshine, rain, sleet, and snow... speaking of snow, the entire state shuts down when it snows. they actually have panic attacks it seems, and stop functioning. i don't mean to mock, but it's kind of hilarious. today was the second snow day in a row. which is actually kind of awesome if you ask me. (there is about an inch of snow on the ground as we speak.)
oh, and for some reason mike does this about the same time each year. it's a highlight of his existence.

meanwhile, the rest of our life is on instagram.


  1. Something I love about your blog, your writing, your pictures, is that you Petersens seem to be 100% in love with life. You don't just make it through, you thrive! I bet you'll always look back on these years and cherish your big city experiences, and that your kids will grow up embracing adventure and full of gratitude for you and Mike providing them with these rich opportunities. And p.s. you go girl! You'll rock at your new job!

    1. you're the sweetest- thanks, aubrey! we hope they'll look back (and us, too!) with great memories of adventures. we had lovely lives in utah, but were missing some spontaneity... we'll see how this all goes! :) enjoy that warm weather. we sure don't have any here!!


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