jude's 2nd birthday party...

^^ "b-ball!!!!"

i stalled in planning jude’s birthday for the longest time- which is entirely abnormal for me. thankfully, we had no plans, which meant the need to cancel nothing when his birthday came around and we were eyeball-deep in moving preparations. his big 2nd birthday fell on a friday- mike’s last day of work- so saturday we had family over for pizza and a birthday/going away party. seeing that it was 2 weeks ago now, i honestly have little memory from the specific day- it’s all an entire blur of packing, prepping, cleaning, visiting, crying, and more. the only thing we did do was get a cake from our favorite donut store. there was a big scheduling fiasco that morning and mike and i were scattered around town getting ready to go, so i ended up dragging the kids at noon to the donut store that was filled with lunch-goers, and we attempted to wait patiently for our turn. the second jude saw his cake he screamed, “B-BALL!” aaaaaaand then he punched it. as we left, no one held the door for my frazzled self, and the lopsided cake about plummeted to the rainy sidewalk. i think the only reason i didn’t have more panic attacks that week was because i was too busy to have them frequently. family and friends constantly offered to help, but i felt like they were already doing so much, it was hard to ask for any more. i feel anxious just thinking about it all!!

filling the home we love with family we love was overwhelming at times. it was so sweet, but so sad. 
because so much of our lives had already been shipped off, it felt... almost... empty? the main reason we loved that house was because we had the space to have everyone over at the same time, and each celebration really felt like a gathering.
having family made it feel happy and alive again, but it was about as simple as it gets for a party! we got a stack of $5 pizzas and called it good. elle made the one and only sign/decoration. later that night we couldn’t help but reflect on what a nice party it had been- jude had all he wanted- cousins (family), pizza, applesauce, fruit snacks, and balls. we never did find time to get him anything or to do anything fancy, but it was so special to me just to spend the time with our little man. we have been so lucky, and are just so darn grateful for that day, and all the wonderful gatherings in our lovely little home.
 this year the cake was much more of a hit than last year:)
2 looks good on you, jude man. 

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