48 hours of spring break: nyc, part 1

i have a deep and thus far, ever-growing love for new york city. there really isn't anything i don't love about the city. we decided to take this time on the east coast to live it up (you know- "livin' it up in the city-" thanks, bruno. which, side note, my kids call the "hot dog" song. it's catchy to sing it like that, let me tell you); so with 5 whole days off work (SPRING BREAK!), i set my mind to convincing mike it was the perfect time to run away. just for 48 hours! we were just there in january, but man it's cheap to go in the wintertime (duh, because it's freezing). also, everywhere is cheaper sunday - tuesday. (that's when we do vegas too.) people, if you're traveling on weekends, you're spending too much. sunday night+? that's where it's at.

so mike caved to my beggings, and here is the first half of our little trip to the city...
we made the 3 hour drive to the city- which is, like, nothing if you time it when traffic isn't bad. jude woke up with a little fever so we decided just to leave early and let him rest in the car. halfway there, he was a screaming mess so we stopped at a super classy nj turnpike rest stop and found out he had a 104.4 fever. since he had seizures last fall (did i ever blog about that? ugh, that was awful), we're super cautious about his temperature. we tried to get him to eat or drink anything we could- we bought way too much food at burger king, grabbed some crowns, ice cream, juice and more, but he refused it all. (no one wants to be left with old bk from a nj turnpike stop. yuck!) thankfully tylenol dropped his fever a bit and we made it into the city just fine... man, he was so grumpy that first day! it broke my heart. we kept him as comfy as we could, and i swear fresh air helps when you feel like dirt. at least that's what i tell myself.

so- the city. i love driving in the city. i always have- i think my parents made me do it when i was like 16, and i've loved it every time since. there really aren't many places you can drive with literally no traffic laws:) i get into my own happy place driving there. mike freaks out, i smile. it's the only time i'm pleasant when i drive. explain that one.

we checked into our hotel, then set out for a walk. the weather was predicted to be 55... it wasn't. it was 35. so basically we froze. again. as is the norm on all our recent trips. i'm a terrible mom and packed sandals instead of socks, so they literally froze for the entire trip. with no agenda we just started walking south toward magnolia bakery & times square...
life is better with banana pudding.  mike ate a large himself. we tried to hide from the wind and rain, but weren't successful so we kept walking...
jude's spirit lifted when we went into toys r us and he saw the giant ferris wheel. so like sell-outs, we bought overpriced tickets and rode around together as a little family;) the kids were of course in heaven. toy mecca right there, let me tell you. i of course hoped we'd end up in a cool car- like the mr. potato head, or toy story car. alas, we ended up in the e.t./giraffe car. lame. you can see e.t.'s creepy hand teasing me, i'm sure saying, "sucker!" ^^ :)
we had dinner right across from our hotel at the smith. mike & elle were tired of walking already. ^^ we went there in january, but just for the photo booth. this time, jude was a screaming mess (he'd been napping on/off in his stroller the whole afternoon)- he still wouldn't eat. then again, the food wasn't as good as we hoped so none of us really did. we DID get to hit up the photo booth in the unisex bathroom, however! that was fun. also, they literally have  hole in the wall... you know, "there's a hole in the wall where the..." yah, it's in the subway tile, and it plays a little french movie. so witty, those smiths! 
the empire hotel was perfect. we chose it kind of randomly- well priced, central location, with parking. and the doorman told us we could park for half the price 2 blocks away. smart man. we could even spot moroni from our window (you can see it way up in the top photos w/ mike)! the hotel was quiet-ish in nyc terms- you know, the typical being woken up a handful of times by sirens, screaming drunks, trash trucks, and honking horns, but then again, at least those break up the sounds of our kids talking to us all night and not sleeping themselves (does anyone else have the hardest time with kids at hotels?? our kids never sleep well with us.). i decided another favorite thing about the city is that no matter when you are up during the night you can look out the window and see others with lights on. it's kind of calming. i should also note by the next morning, jude was totally fine again. what the??
our first morning we walked a few blocks to pick-a-bagel. it was the closest bagel locale, and last visit we went to 4 and still didn't find a really great bagel. pick a bagel was awesome! better than all the others we tried (absolute included). it was filled with high school kids, construction workers, and businessmen. the walk there and back was one of my favorite parts of this trip- it was past julliard and fordham law, right near an elementary and middle and high school, so we people-watched as we walked alongside dads w/ kids, nannies with toddlers, and high school kids meandering in the chilly air...
we passed our hotel and kept walking to central park to get out wiggles. nyc has some stellar parks, let me tell you.
mid-morning we took our one and only subway ride to get to the brooklyn bridge. ok, another thing i love about the city: it's actually possible to walk everywhere! in our entire trip, we only took 1 subway ride and 1 ferry ride. the rest of the time? we walked. all of it. and walking is the best way to see the city by far.
we picked up some cocoa and started walking across the bridge. the brooklyn bridge walk was my favorite part of our last trip, and i was so excited to show the kids! in typical kid fashion, elle was tired, and jude actually managed to scream the entire length of the bridge. good news: the brooklyn bridge is so loud, no one could hear jude's cries. except the people we were within 3' of. so we just walked fast enough that we (hopefully) didn't annoy anyone for too long, and we let jude him scream because, well, what else are you going to do? mike's shoulders were dead from carrying kids, and my arms were noodles. jude is 37 solid pounds of dead weight. he is heavy to carry for miles a day! strollers are cars in this city, but you need a stroller that collapses easily, navigates smoothly, carries sufficient goods, and somehow can be lifted up, down, or over people, stairs, or immovable objects by a single person. i have yet to find a good stroller, and i've had at least 6 now. hence the never-ending struggle to find a perfect solution. the hunt continues.
next up: the remaining half of our trip, including the suspenseful answer to, "what lies on the other side of the bridge..." :) 

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  1. SOOO FUUUUNNN!!! I love Elle wrapped up in your scarf! And poor little Jude man. What a trooper. or screamer. :/


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