hogle zoo date...

 so free day at the zoo!   free day means busy day.   i can handle busy for free.  the weather was gorgeous for january, and it was really nice to get out, just us three.

i would like to also point out the elephant in the room (couldn't help myself)- my kids insist on wearing their old, filthy, too-small coats. i shouldn't complain because they actually wore coats this day, but alas. jude looks rather unfortunate in his mini attire,

i would also like to say that twice, i called animals by the wrong name. 
and was corrected by people around me, "uh, that's a llama, not an alpaca." 
aaaaand "where are the lions? all i see are tigers... i assume you know the difference, ma'am? if you don't, your kids should..."
i would have been offended if i wasn't so embarassed.
thankfully, it was (busy) free zoo day, so i never saw those blunt humans again.

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