disney world 2014, part 6

this whole "part x" thing is getting embarrassing. we're up to part 6 already!? the good news is it's about done. this is our last day at disney!      (besides a likely video and phone pictures- how have i forgotten those!?)    we're nearly there.

cheers & tears for our last day at the magic kingdom...
 ^^ we bus-sed it those last couple days. speaking of, check out the fun people watching one can do at the hotel bus stops... there are even real-life superheroes! :) i love vacation people-watching.
 tip time!!
apparently, most people go 1) right, or 2) left when they enter the parks... the trick is to go all the way to the back! literally- there was no one around! we rode big thunder mountain 4 times without getting off, then switched watching jude and went twice more, and then rode splash mountain a whole bunch more! all within 40 minutes! not to mention, extra magic hours are where it's at.    best thing ever.   we still usually leave the park around lunchtime- it gets so busy, it's not worth waiting in lines for hours. go early. totally worth it.
 mike & elle (third row, arms up!).
 our first ever dole whip! not sure it was worth the 40 minute wait... but it was good nonetheless:) 
 later that afternoon elle & me had fast passes for the new seven dwarfs mine ride- way better than waiting 3+ hours in line. ^^
 oh! and it's sad i don't have better pictures, but i kind of went all-out on my nails. i just took the shellac off today. those disney delights lasted over a month!  
 our last hoorah was a final supper at cinderella's castle. 
as always, jude was entirely smitten by the princesses.
^^  our awesome view.
 those boys & their faces...
 eyes up, buddy!
 can you handle the cuteness on jude's face?
mmk, enchantment gone... time to hit people with the sword the restaurant gives the kids. (who thought that was a good idea?)
and that's a wrap! 

parts 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5. don't judge.

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  1. Don't be embarrassed! Keep the posts coming. I live vicariously through you with your Disney adventures. And Jude is cracking me up with the princesses.


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