disney world 2014, part 5

our first stop of the morning (after mickey waffles of course) was to see the gingerbread house at the grand floridian, and then back to the magic kingdom...
jude (and mike) looked like this   ^^   most of the time.   jude attacking, mike bracing for impact.
lunch at downtown disney...
^^ followed by some train riding for jude ("choo choooo!").
this dance party was pretty much amazing. 1) because my kids loved dancing, 2) because it was finally warming up, and 3) because they played "ice ice baby" and nsync. i mean, hello!? 
^^ one of these things is not like the other...
we had dinner at the polynesian, then planned on going back to the hotel, but for the first time in forever (did you see that "frozen" line? i snuck that in totally unintentionally), everyone was plugging along, and jude looked like he could handle a little snooze in the stroller, so we went back to the magic kingdom and rode rides, hoping all would last until 9:30 fireworks!
...and they did! and we got some awesome rides in. the peoplemover is completely underrated- it's basically perfection after walking for days and days: you get to explore tomorrowland, rest your feet, and usually get stuck in the dark of space mountain due to some mechanical glitch, so you can take a mini rest! and hear screams! that aren't you!     sweet.
we have also figured out the best system- if you walk the opposite direction of parades, you still get to see them, without saving a seat, with a great view, and it's twice as fast! plus, you get out of the parks before the crowd. this time they opened up backstage so we could exit behind main street shops (fun to see). they also let us stop and watch the show at the castle, which is quite uncommon. basically we got the perks of a parade and fireworks with no effort.
on our second to last day (and the day my parents left), we headed back to epcot...
oh, but first, jude had to say goodbye to his "ball."   each time we walked by this cement ball he got so excited... it's the small things, let me tell you!
 "riding" living with the land always makes me want salad.    which, like, never happens otherwise.    by this point elle would whine quietly, "this is booooorrrrriiiinnnng... where's the drops!?" apparently all that splash mountain-ing left the quiet rides less than desirable.  she takes after her dad.
 later that afternoon when it was just us 4 left, we headed back to epcot for some deeper exploration around the countries- i don't think i've done that since i worked there eons ago. (did i even do it then? i'm not sure.)   
first, dinner in mexico!
 we did a little sharing of said mexican food with the (chubby) birds.
 aaaand, last but not least, we finally got silhouettes- which i've wanted to do for ages! i had no idea they were hand cut!! what?! we had them done "in france," by this cute little french girl who has only been in the US for a few months. she was so fun to chat with! and she did an amazing job in the 4 minutes it took her per kid. 
while jude got his done, mike was the live entertainment, attempting to keep him from running off (elle as his prop, clearly.  ^^  )

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