disney world 2014, part 4

lies already. contrary to previous commentary, we're still posting per-day. i'm sorry. i just can't help it. 

next up, epcot! and rain! more rain. (mind you, it rains every year on epcot day. it's turned into a tradition methinks.)

^^  "bbbb-aaaaaaaaaalllll!" jude would cry from all over the park. he loved said ball.
when in rome!... actually, paris. actually, epcot in general. epcot food is just epic.
^^ elle scarfed her baguette while jude enjoyed the trains. taking jude away from anything at this age is rough- when you're at a place filled with entertaining things, it's a tough-go for a kid jude's age. he wanted to stop and see and touch and taste eeeeeeverything. he actually had a proper, legitimate, meltdown just after these were taken (he wanted another ball we passed). and that was "meltdown" as in full body flailing, people staring and judging, us cringing, but unable to do a single thing, meltdown.
back at the hotel the kids attacked mike.   seemed appropriate i suppose.
ahhh! finally! the long awaited date night. we were so excited! i love my kids, but by this point there was nonstop "mama"-ing and being punched in the face by limbs during the night, and fighting over things like why we can't eat ice cream 10x a day when it's everywhere we are... thankfully we'd made reservations at the california grill months ago for just mike & i, so we snuck off for a sunset dinner at a ridiculously expensive restaurant (*we ate free, mind you*). 
we ordered virgin drinks, followed by bison for mike & vegetarian gnocci with foliage atop for me (that's not what it was called, but that's what it tasted like). for dessert we had creme brulee and a sampler of something... for being over $200, it was definitely too fancy for our palates, but dang it was awesome to eat fancy without feeling guilty! once was sufficient:) we do better with chicken nuggets i suppose.
the view was to die for! we could have come back for fireworks at 9:30, but that's really late for old people like us, so we went to epcot via monorail and ran around pretending not to be freezing cold for about an hour, then went back to the hotel to sleep:)

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