disney world 2014, part 3

(i promise, the pictures will start tapering a bit soon. i mean, not substantially, let's be real here... but moderately. enough that i may be able to have 2 days in a single post... maybe.)

soooo, next was the magic kingdom! 
first, morning shenanigans: 
 sometimes i think we should have like 90 kids, just so they could all have mike as a dad. he's the best. he's always on-point, easy-going, and hilarious. always. here he is with some crazy song & dance while we waited to leave for breakfast...
(also, not pregnant. nor am i having 90 kids. it is a good thought though! he really is that awesome.)
 we had our second character breakfast at ohana in the polynesian resort- this one was "lilo & stitch" themed, which these kids were aaaaaall about. mid-meal they got maracas and had a parade around the restaurant.
 ^^ complete with stitch waffles. win-win! disney waffles are almost as good as disney mac & cheese, which is almost as good as the mickey ice cream sandwiches. 
we hopped the monorail to the magic kingdom after breakfast... notice the sky. it was incredibly hazy.     and humid.    it was only a matter of time before the weather caught up to us!
 jude is obsessed with balls lately. he had a nervous breakdown whenever we passed one, so i gave in and got a ball after breakfast. he never let it go that day... except this time when he was asleep:)
 minutes after opining the park, and the line for anna & elsa was 90 minutes.   no gracias.  we waited for no characters this trip- maybe that's why our vacation was so nice! :)
elle discovered the splash pad while jude & mike went on dumbo. we learned between dumbo and the monorail that jude is terrified of heights.   oops.  
 (have you noticed the ball in each photo? :)
 lunch was all about more waffles, including a waffle sandwich.    which i'm still unsure about.   but we were protected from the rain which was now falling, while eating the afore mentioned waffle......
 by the time we left the park it looked like this out.      ^^    we stayed at the resort until we were stir-crazy, and ventured out. rain (and cold weather) is tricky on vacation. no one wants it to halt plans, but it's nearly impossible to function with small kids when you're drenched. we went to the animal kingdom lodge for a little looking around- they have beautiful grounds and a food court, so we got some dinner, watched the animals, and sat by the fire to relax and pretend it wasn't raining cats & dogs. or giraffes and zebras i suppose would be more fitting...
more disney world here.

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