christmas 2014...

i feel like the week between christmas & new years is a never-ending monday. it's not christmas anymore. (or is it?)    it's not january yet, but kind of feels like it (is that why january feels so long!? it kind of starts 12/26!?).    do you say, "happy holidays" still??    schools are out, but the weather bites so you hide cooped up inside.    you still go to work, unless you've stocked up on time off. so either you're at work and no one else is, or you can't take time off because it's year-end, which always happens for mike...     decemary.     that's what i'll call it.   the 6-ish days that feel like middle school awkwardness.

either way, it's officially the end of 2014! see ya! here's how our christmas holiday went...

we got the best charlie brown tree ever for $15 down the street. it took 8 seconds to decorate, and 11 to undecorate. (added length due to additional vacuuming which is always necessary.)
 christmas eve, mike's family all came down to celebrate. santa decided to make us dinner- isn't that generous- before his biggest night of the year?!!? thanks santa! 
also, santa makes a wicked submarine sandwich. 
mike's mom had her "fish pond," which is customary in mikey's fam. the kids love it.
^^  elle told us the christmas story before bed. 
 christmas morning brought some new presents from santa!
santa brought elle her taylor swift cd, an elsa dress, and an e-z bake oven. girl was set. (i had an e-z bake oven when i was little. i lit it on fire.) jude got a mini ball & basketball hoop, and hasn't stopped playing with it for more than 7-straight seconds. he just yells "hoooop!" which usually sounds like "pooop!" so we run him to the bathroom and he cries & cries, "noooo mama! h-uh-ooooop!"
 elle earned money to buy everyone a present- daddy got sweedish fish (watermelon of course), and he was super stoked. 
i got mike ranch soda. he gagged at the sight of it. (it still resides on our counter for the brave soul who will give it a whirl. any takers?)
my parents came over for our traditional breakfast of fruit in a basket, pastries, and quiche, then we opened santa sacks from each other...
 jude scored big with a lightning mcqueen car that he's too scared to ride:)
 then we went out and tried out their new sled from nana & papa.
we went to over to my parents later for dinner & some "minute to win it" games. which was thoroughly entertaining
 i mean, jude's face?!?!   ^^
 my mom goes all out on decor. go, mom!
mike goes all out playing with his food.

cheers to a wonderful christmas holiday, and a new year in just a few hours!! 

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  1. 1. OH, that picture in the snow! What a perfect family snapshot for Christmas. 2. Jude in his hat (!!) 3. What is that tissue box-bum game?? Ha, and I love that you and your mom have the same cute hand motion going on 4. ranch dressing soda--holy disgusting! 5. I just love reading your blog. I hope you never stop.


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