model for a day.

never have i received such strange (and downright mean) comments as i have since i went blonde back in january. if you want a good story, ask me about it some time. although there was serious backlash from others, i've loved it. i used to be blonde... then spent the rest of my 28 years wishing i was blonde again. (you can tell from my pinterest board when i was seriously itching for a platinum mane- i think every pin during that time had white hair!)

aubrey nelson is amazing- her talent is unreal, and i doubt i would ever trust another soul with my color like i do her.    back in august we had a little photo shoot with jessica peterson, and these are the results. (those braids- can you get over those braids!? aubrey whipped those up in, like 5 minutes. all my hair comes in handy when braided!)    since then, i've darkened my roots and i already miss all that white hair... oh, if it weren't such a nightmare to upkeep i feel like i'd be blonde forever!

thanks aubrey & jess!

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