disney world 2014, part 2

part deux of our trip recap starts off with the animal kingdom. since kali river rapids is one of our favorite rides, i'm so happy we went here on our second full day- the final day before the cold front blew through.   and we didn't mind staying drenched on this day.
poor sweet elle. apparently she still hates "it's tough to be a bug." i thought she would be fine, but alas, we had to take her out crying mid-show- something about massive bugs, lots of noise, and a particular stinkbug who makes the whole room smell.      she was not amused.
before & after.
so lame mike wore a poncho! he was the only dry survivor, however.
speaking of ponchos.    nothing says, "emergency poncho" quite like the above winning photo, don't you think!?   that marketing director needs a raise. then again, it looks like it was taken approximately 31 years ago... soooo.....
mike & my dad in the middle- you can see mikey on the right with his arms up. "woot woot!" (it kills me how many times i need an emoji while blogging.)
in the afternoon we walked to the french quarter (a sister resort to the riverside), and swam. actually, we mostly went to try the beignets. 
we ate so healthy while on vacation.   just saying.
and there you have the only swimming photo while on vacation.    *insert tears here*

see part 1 here.

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