happy 5th birthday, elle!

happy 5th birthday, sweet elle!
i love every ounce of your fiercely awesome, amazing self.

this past year has been a blur. it scares me how fast you're growing up. it makes me angry that the influence of the world is starting to trickle in on your innocent self- it makes me want to hold you even closer, and make our home a happy, safe refuge. your innocence is the most beautiful thing to see- you are so pure and good!

i love your sweet heart. you are always kind to your baby brother- always! you are sensitive and gentle. you are always ready for a song and dance. your imagination is nonstop. i love your long hair and long, wiggly body. i love your beautiful eyes and unlimited expressions. 

thank you for being our girl, elle belle. we love you! happy 5th birthday, darling baby.

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