dinner in park city.

mike and i spent our saturday morning apart, running all over, and by late-afternoon we just wanted to get away as a family for a bit. mike suggested an impromptu escape to park city for dinner at our favorite spot, main street pizza and noodle. (i say "favorite," but it's really just the only place we go- ever. when i was in college and visited park city with my roomies the pattern began; when mike & i were young and in dating-love we came here; whenever we go to sundance to people watch we hit it up... we're serious creatures of a pizza habit.)

elle & jude were their typical crazy selves- musical seats, flying forks, eating an equal amount of snacks from my purse as they did the food we ordered, catsup with a side of chicken nuggets, and lots of leftover pizza crust for me to enjoy. after dinner we walked up & down main street just long enough to tolerate jude's refusal to be held and walk independently (of course we forgot the stroller). then a little rocky mountain chocolate factory, and finally, home again, home again, jiggly jig.

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