a "peace out, summer" night at cherry hill.

utah has been all over the place lately with weather- i mean, utah is a desert.      summers are hot and dry.       the end.     well, i feel like july was august, and august was october. i'm not sure what september will turn out to resemble, but the fact that summer is "over" according to the 3-day weekend bookends of memorial and labor day, depresses me. 

friday night we headed to cherry hill for one last hurrah, even though i hope to high heavens it's not over yet! last a little longer, summer! you faked me out with that whole "unusually cool and wet" spell for most of august. don't go yet! and please, get rid of all the added mosquitos while you're at it. thanks!
^^ jude watched elle swing from the railing as we waited to get in. he then copied her.
jude ate our favorite yogurt. so did his body.
^^ uncertainty, turned delight via the slide elle repeated 100 times. 
also noteworthy but not pictured are mike and my rides down cardiac canyon- this river run where we basically swirled like we were in a toilet bowl, and ended up on dates with other people- me with a 7-year-old boy, and mike with a bunch of 12-year-old girls- after mike ditched me in hopes for a faster route down the "rapids." basically, we just kept getting stuck and i about peed my pants from laughing. i haven't laughed that hard in ages!
thanks to my parents for partying with us and all the other high school kids who filled the park last friday night:)

so long, sweet summer.

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