friday night at pineview reservoir.

 a few weekends ago we met up with some of mike’s family who were camping on the huntsville side of pineview reservoir. the drive through the canyon was one of the prettiest ever- it reminded me of our drives to/from logan through sardine canyon… oh, so lovely. i will give utah that- the mountains are primo.
 there was some miscommunication, and i apparently missed the memo that there was an actual “beach,” so mike & i came fully clothed. in, like, proper clothes. worst idea ever. pretty much the minute we arrived, the entire crew walked from their little campsite through the brush to the beach, about a 10 minute walk away. we stayed muddy, sandy, and hot for the proceeding 3 hours we were there! that being said, it was the most gorgeous night- perfect light, breeze, no bugs, and we had the entire beach to ourselves.
 oreo in-hand, jude was ready to rumble.
i’ve only been to pineview once- back in college with my best friend & her family. we camped right by the road and i remember being awake all night long (am i the only person who never sleeps a wink when they camp? probably why i’ve only camped, like, 5 times in my life. aaaand never really by choice:) i also recall finding a very cute boy and sheepishly asking to ride on his jet ski. i thought i was pretty cool, but really, it sounds much more daring than it actually was- i was the epitome of everything not cool or smooth, that’s for sure. either way, the fun memories at pineview continue- what an awesome place!
^^  jude ate a ridiculous amount of rocks. 
 jude fell in love with this beach ball that took off in the wind every few seconds- mike chased it back every time since juju bawled at it's sudden departure.
 ^^ elle got a sliver and it ruined her night. it was pretty much the end of the world for 20 minutes until we pinned her down and got it out. she's an emotional soul. 
 we stuffed the kids with dum dum's to entertain them on the walk back. (what is it with camping and junk food? an unnecessary amount of crap is consumed whilst in the outdoors.)

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