bangs like sia.

mike loves to watch music videos on saturday mornings. (pause: what happened to the days of yore? remember when we complained during trl that mtv was seriously lacking in music videos... but now there's not even trl, let alone music? or videos? then again, the videos i do see these days are far to young for me. and the ones i do see are... well, questionable in their appropriateness. goodness gracios- i'm getting old. totally not with the times, i tell you. and speaking of, remember when the internet wasn't the way you heard something first? then it was mtv news- at 10 to the hour, every hour. right there on mtv!?! oh, backstreet boys, you had me at "i want it that way." aaaa-anyway...

...so elle saw the chandelier video and since has had her heart stuck on dancing, dressing (ahem, leotards, not entirely socially acceptable attire), and doing her hair like the little girl. i gave in on the bang part. not the entire cut. or the fact that she also wants it pink. but bangs, yes. i'm a pushover. elle looks crazy cute. just old. i'm not a fan of that "looking older" thing. anyway, like most hair decisions, this was a rash one at 6am (is that just me, too? it's like the light of day scares away rash decisions, but darkness, man. darkness gets me every time. sorry, hair). the good news is no regrets! elle with her new bangage promptly changed into her leotard, requested the song, and started busting moves. 
"what are these short hairs called again?" 
"YES, BANGS! i love bangs."

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