las vegas, part 1

we went to las vegas for our honeymoon, and ever since then, it's kind of been "our" place. it's a close drive, incredibly cheap (if you know when to go!), and the food, shopping, pools, and people-watching are primo. since we don't drink alcohol, and we don't gamble (*cough, cough* slot machines. mikal...), it's not a pricey getaway. it's always been such a great spot, i hate that we don't go more often. i will say, however, this trip i decided it's just too flipping hot to go over our anniversary. almost every trip i go home sick, but this time was a doosey. i'm pretty sure i had heatstroke, and still am totally off, BUT we did have a great time, and for 50% of the trip i felt awesome! 

mike's favorite part of the trip is the drive. i think it's because he stocks up on junk food...
we listened to jim gaffigan and laughed our heineys off. 
 i'm a fan of his buying snaps. then i won't eat any! it's a great strategy, anyway- he gets treats to himself, i get to not feel sick from junk food. but in all seriousness- snaps? who likes snaps?!?!
some strange ritual thing we always do after we check-in. just because.
 it's tradition to go to brio our first night in vegas- so that's what we did! after dinner we shopped a bit at towne square, facetime'd with our babies, and then walked the strip with all the other impersonators, dancers, crazies, and drank-too-much-ers.
 in the morning (our anniversary! go us!) we headed to hash house. our waiter convinced us to try the brown sugar banana pancakes, and that was a mighty fine recommendation. we split the massive pancake and felt darn pleased with our accomplishment. 
9 years, and a pancake the size of a water cooler both down. check-check!
 after a little world cup watching (and vegas is a pretty sweet place to watch the world cup from, i'll give it that!), we went to see "the fault in our stars," which i pretty much wept through (i put my sunglasses on as i exited my seat so no one would see my swollen eyes. how does bieber do that? you can't see anything!)
 i have half a dozen photos of the random stores surrounding the strip. 
it's such a     ...     unique    ...    area.  :)
that evening we walked to the mall & had dinner at maggiano's before doing a little more exploring of the canal shops. i was doing good up until this point (24 hours, i made it 24 hours!)- the heat started to hit like a wave of dizzying exhaustion. 
i hoped hitting up carlo's bake shop and ingesting a $9 boston cream cake slice would help (can we pause- vegas may not have state taxes, but their sales tax is out of control!). 
it didn't help. it was decently good thought though! i mean, not $9 good, but rarely anything in vegas is:)
and just for the sake of being out of order, that's jude before we left.   ^^   he (and elle) ran off to my parents without hesitating. he was so uninterested in us leaving, but that's probably a good thing. alright, more later...

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