the first day of summer, at "the beach."

i mean, it's no maui, but let's be honest, it was about as welcome as maui would be these days! (it's utah- we take what we can get.) mike's sister & their family were camping at willard bay, and we joined them for some r&r in the sun and water. just saying over and over again we were headed to "the beach" does something for one's soul, let me tell you. it may have been strangely sloped and seriously rocky as far as beaches go, but it was hot & breezy, and a perfect way to ring in the official start of summer.
^^ jude was... well, i'm not exactly sure.
^^ meanwhile, mike was yelling, "heeeeere, seagull, seagull, seagull!" 
^^ "mom, the sand-er-dirts stuck."
and what's the beach without cheetos & junk food? jude enjoyed himself, and that cupcake? apparently it was way better than his b-day cake.
it's officially summertime!!

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