preschool graduation, year 1.

 elle misses the cut-off for kindergarden, like, barely. i missed it as a kid, so i skipped a year down the line. i don't really care what elle does- whether she's "ahead" or "behind" doesn't matter as long as she's happy, but it totally stinks this year because all her friends are moving on to k, and she has another year of preschool- her third. thankfully, she loves her preschool teacher, and i get another year with my sweetie! plus, her friends are like 6 steps away, so it's not like she won't ever see them. her sweet teacher let her "graduate" with her class (of all girls, might i add!)- and she was pretty excited about it:)
 elle w/ miss charity. ^^
^^ poor jude was in the throws of teething/an ear infection/being 1.5, so he was a hot mess. not that you can't tell by his sweet, sad, sore little face:)

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