"rock around the clock tonight..."

someone had her third dance recital last weekend, and i'm so pleased to announce they get better and better with time! we're so proud of our little dancer. there's nothing like watching toddlers dance around in tutus. it's just pure awesomeness.
we made a day out of it- dress rehearsal, followed by dinner at her fave, olive garden, and then it was recital time. (on a real stage and everything!
i feel like the worst mother ever- we didn't realize how late the recital would go, and jude was in meltdown mode after an hour ( ^^^^ ), so we took off early. (add to the fact that it was overcrowded and the a/c wasn't working- not pleasant.) anyway, laying in bed that night, stupid me realized leaving early meant elle totally missed the finale. she didn't ask. i didn't tell. i hope she won't remember... oops.
elle w/ grandma taco ( ^^ ) and nana & papa ( vv ).
way to rock, elle belle!

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