putting in a yard...

 what is the proper terminology- putting in a yard? installing? planting? am i having a blonde moment?

this year has been our year of a thousand(s) expenses. (again, not proper terminology, i know). 
we're on a roll. 
repaying our "bought a house at the wrong time" credit (bill). 
shoveling out the "car broke in many places" bills. 
followed immediately by "the HOA requires a yard, like, 9 months ago" bill, and the "go door-to-door recruiting neighbors to go in on a fence with you to save $0.20/ft." bill. 

last summer we watched our neighbors spend every day, night, and weekend for months trying to get through the cement-like-dirt around here and make progress in their yards. we learned quickly from their blood, sweat, and tears. really, we aren't handy and didn't want to do, well, any of it ourselves. 8 bids later, we finally found a company that would do it for what we thought was our "worst case scenario." (little did we know that was our now best case scenario.)

after 36 hours, it was done. all of it! i left for work one morning, and the next night it was just, done! kind of magical if you ask me. 
we did spend a couple of days laying topsoil in our beds. elle & jude thought the dirt was sand (i.e.: a tall sandbox), so it was quite the exciting week for them, as you can see. 
i call last week, the "days of a thousand baths." 

i am so grateful for this grass which will be our first, ever! 10 years together and we've never had grass! i'm also immensely grateful for our jobs, and helpful hands who make the extra hours we're putting in happen so we can keep on keepin' on.

now we only have to wait another week before we can actually walk on it...
 ^^ this is what teething looks like. a lot of wet-ness. and otherwise discomfort, which is momentarily ignored when sitting in a giant pile of dirt.


  1. Oh man, I've never had to do this and I dread having to. Can't wait to see the finished product! Your house looks so beautiful. And as always, cutest kids!

  2. Love that you blog too!!! Glad you found mine:) and Yay for yards!


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