"frozen" party...

oh, disney. what have you done. i can't even remember life before "frozen." 
it's all elle talks about. 
pretends to be. 
"frozen" has taken over how she dresses, wears her hair, and what she eats. 
actually- side note- "frozen" was the first movie we took jude to in a movie theater. "tangled" was the first we took elle to. kind of fun to plot their lives in the course of now-permanent disney princesses. (sorry, jude. one day you'll get to see boy-ish stuff like "cars" or "toy story.")

back to the party: elle was begging for a "frozen" party, so a couple days after the movie came out (stupid me preordered it, so i had the fabulous chance to wait in line at the disney store for 90 minutes on release day!)... we partied:)

this is elle prepping for her party-goers. me, watching from the hallway.
^^ my hiding spot was quickly discovered by jude.
the day of the party was madness- i got home about 40 minutes before our little guests were to arrive,  ran around and cleaned, and set up a couple of themed treats. mike picked up pizzas. 4-year-olds like pizza right? (what would we do without pizza?)
well, i may have slightly (greatly) underestimated the appetites of a dozen 4 & 5 year-olds. they ate everything in sight. all the food, plus about 3/4 my pantry. in an effort to distract them, i popped bowl-fulls of popcorn, and like starving little people they flocked to it! so funny. lesson learned: have more food ready.
they were only still for about 8 minutes at the beginning of the evening. 
the entire night jude walked around and ate scraps that fell on the floor and couch like a little puppy:)
^^ the best part of the night was when "let it go" came on, and in unison, they all "sang," twirled, and pretended to be elsa. completely synchronized. 
i texted most of the moms the video of them, it was so funny!
jude was busted eating the popcorn with the big kids. 
this boy and food. give me strength! :)

this "frozen" party was officially a success.

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