easter sunday...

 easter is mike's favorite holiday, and it's quickly moving to the top of my list as well. it's just a good day, and not overly-hyped (although more decorations wouldn't hurt. like a tree. and lights. and music a month early. just saying!). the meaning of easter is so special.
church this particular sunday was particularly amazing, and although they were a handful, having 2 kids to celebrate and share the day with is awesome as well.
(and let's be honest, the chocolate is, just, well it doesn't get better! those cadbury eggs are my weakness! big or small. i do not care. i'll eat them all.)

we hosted my parents and mike's mom for our easter "dinner-" chicken cordon bleu (i don't like ham, and we don't have a grill to BBQ, so chicken it was), baked beans, deviled eggs, bacon-wrapped asparagus, cheesy potatoes, and more.
... but before easter dinner (lunch), was easter morning...
we have church at 8:30, which to most people is early, but for our early-risers, it's no so bad! they're up by 6 each day, easter was no exception! we snuck in some "breakfast" (er, candy) in plenty of time to make it to church and celebrate the real reason for easter sunday.
^^ thinking the easter bunny would be appreciative of some good ol' carrots, i bought a bunch of fancy organic ones! which, of course,  didn't last through the weekend. darn organic carrots.
^^ the trail of cotton and eggs peaked jude's curiosity (candy-filled-eggs the day before tipped him off, and boy was he excited)!
mike & i don't get too extravagant- he took care of the baskets this year and snatched up little treats from the dollar store. including some perfectly named juju flowers for our juju.   :)
the easter bunny was thoughtful enough to make me a little basket, and white cadbury eggs were hidden inside. before i knew this, jude discovered the balls of goodness, and popped THREE in his mouth before we noticed. he was just leaking white goo as we watched and i thought to myself, "i really need to refresh my memory of the heimlich maneuver..."  :-/
^^ we quickly traded the candy for a banana. at least for him.
^^ this is what most family pictures look like. have i mentioned jude has turned into quite the pistol since his 1st birthday? heaven help us! my sweet, calm, docile baby is a nut job! (i mean that in the kindest way.)
we snapped a couple with my phone, but no pre-church, pre-food-covered-clothes pictures of us 4 together.
^^ the plane lasted about an hour before it was ruined. at least we got some good park-flying in before it took a nose-dive and ended up in a number of pieces. jude also ate a chunk of the wing which may have contributed to its fall.
^^ it's like he's never eaten before. SHOVE IT ALL IN YOUR MOUTH AT ONCE! BECAUSE WE MAY JUST NEVER LET YOU EAT AGAIN IN YOUR LIFE! maybe that's what he's thinking?
me, elle & mike made chick-y deviled eggs. with chocolate chip eyes because i forgot olives. oops.
^^ easter bread from my mama.
^^ want to guess what she's singing? i'll give you a dollar... just kidding. i won't. doh! that song!
until next year, easter!


  1. Good Job on dinner!! Looks delicious - and I don't like ham either! Beautiful family and I love, love seeing pictures of your mom and dad. Soft place in my heart for those guys.

  2. I just have to tell you that I love your hair blonde! It looks great on you. You can pull either color off!


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