digging in the dirt & general conference weekend.

moments like this ^^ (and this & this) are purely elle. she is on all the time. straight-up energy and drama and enthusiasm from sunrise (pre-sunrise, let's be honest), to sunset.
 wait for it...
...bam! frozen.
long live the days of being elsa.
the next best thing for elle after being elsa, is to dig in the dirt we still call a yard...
...followed closely by being attacked by her dad. 
who makes her laugh until she pees her pants. 
what a great general conference weekend! mike & i went to the conference center on saturday morning, and "watched" the rest of the sessions from home (watching is a relative term with kids around). we baked lots and went on a few walks in between. 
oh, and of course, did more digging in the dirt. 

*styling of elle done by elle herself. as always. there's nothing like it! :)

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